ABU Robocon 2013 Vietnam Theme and rulebook problem statement

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  1. Duration of the game is three (3) minutes
  2. Each team will have two (2) robots
  • One (1) Automatic Robot
  • One (1) Manual Robot; Manual Robot is not allowed to move into Earth Zone.
  1. The Manual Robot goes to the “Leaves Storage Area” for taking “Leaves” at the possitions in the Southern Hemisphere in their own game field
  2. The Manual Robot will place three Leaves in the Southern Hemisphere
  3. Then, Manual Robot  loads “Leaves” which have been taken from the ‘Leaves Storage Area’ onto Auto Robot.
  4. Auto Robot takes at least 3 leaves to Northern Hemisphere (including two leaves in its own zone and at least one leaf in the common zone). Then, the Automatic Robot is allowed to touch the Bud in the Northern Hemisphere.
  5. Auto Robot goes to the North Pole for taking the Buds (made by the team) and loading for Manual Robot.
  6. Manual Robot stands below second limit line and shoots the Bud into the moon. If the team’s Bud stands on the moon, the team will get the “Green Planet”.


  1. Each team shall comprise of four (4) members consisting of three (3) students and one (1) instructor, from the same university, polytechnic or college. However, only these two (2) students are permitted to enter the Game Field.
  2. Team members must be enrolled in their University/Polytechnic at the time of the international contest. Exceptions are allowed for those who were enrolled in a University/Polytechnic at the time of the domestic contest.
  3. Postgraduates are not eligible to enter the competition.


  • The Game Field is made by plywood, the surface will be emulsion painted. The Game Field is surrounded by a wooden fence (100mm height-30mm thick);
  • The dimension is 13000mm x 13000mm, divided into 3 parts as follows:
  • The Earth Zone  (Sphere Shape) has a diameter of 8500mm with white guidelines (30mm in width) that represent maridian and parallel;
  • The moon is a round plate lays on the cylinder 1500mm height.
  • The part surround two above area.
  • The game field will be splited into 2 parts for 2 teams by a iron fence (along the Meridian) 60mm height, 30mm thick,
  • It includes Auto Robot operating area and Manual Robot operating area.
  • There are two (2) limit lines 1st and 2nd (30mm width); the first limit line is extension of Equator; the second limit line far from the Equator 2950mm
  1. The Manual Robot operating Area
  • Being the area suround the earth; and is painted light cyan
  • The Manual Robot Staring Zone

The dimension is 700 mm x 700 mm which is painted Red and Blue for two teams.

  • The leaves store

The team’s leaves store is located in the end of the game field. Before the Game starts, there will be 12 Leaves arranged at each Leaves Storage Area (See drawing for more details)

  1. The Auto Robot operating Area

Being the Earth Zone and the surrounding area

  • The Auto Robot Staring Zone

The dimension is 700 mm x 700 mm which is painted Red and Blue for two teams.

  • The Earth Zone
  • Being painted light Green. There is a green tree picture inside
  • There are 7 positions for putting the leaf (name: sprout); They have the surrounding boder (50mm height; 25mm thick); the inside diameter is 350mm. (See drawing for more details)
  • Vùng mặt trăng The moon

The moon is a polywood round plate (500mm diameter) lays on the top of steel cylinder (100mm diameter), The total height is 1500mm.

  • Leaves are in the shape of cylinder (Outer diameter = 250mm, Height =        200mm, Weight = 200g). Leaves are made of high-density polystyrene and are coated with green emulsion paint, the top surface is printed the leaf with red pefuncle red for the Red Team, and blue for the Blue Team
  • The Bud will be made by the team themselves.
  • The minimum height of the ‘Bud’ must be 500mm from the bottom surface.
  • The maximum diameter of the ‘Bud’ must be over 300mm. The diameter of the contact surface of the bottom part should be over 150mm.
  • The maximum weight:                                 300 g


Each team must design and construct by themselves, Manual and Automatic Robots to compete in the contest. For each match, each team is allowed to have one (1) Manual Robot and one (1) fully Automatic Robot

  1. Manual Robot
  • The Manual Robot has to be operated via remote control using a cable connected to it or remote control using infrared rays, visible rays or sound waves. Controlling using radio waves are also not allowed. Operators are not allowed to ride on their Manual Robot
  • When operating via cable, the connecting point of the cable to the robot must be at least 1000mm from the ground. However, the length of the cable from the Manual Robot to the control box must not exceed 3000mm.
  • There is a size limit (700mm L x 700mm W and 1200mm H) for the Manual Robots at the Manual Robot Start Zones when the game starts
  • Manual Robots are not permitted to separate during the game
  • Only one (1) member of each team is allowed to control the Manual Robot in the Game Field.
  1. Automatic Robot
  • Automatic Robot must be autonomous completely
  • When the Automatic Robot starts, team members are not allowed to touch the Robot.
  • Automatic Robot should fit within the size of 700mm L x 700mm W and 1000mm H at its Start Zone before starting
  1. Retry
  • After a “retry” request is granted by the Referee, team member(s) must bring the Robot(s) that need to be retried back to their Start Zone and restart the Robot(s) as soon as possible. Automatic Robot(s), granted retry should follow Rule 4.2
  • On “Retry”, any parts of the Robots should not be replaced.  Also, power sources of the Robots should not be refilled nor added
  • When a “Retry” results in a change in the score or violation of the rules, it is up to the referees to rule on the situation, including with regard to the validity of the “Retry”
  1. Power Supply
  • Each team shall prepare its own power supply for all its Robots during the games.
  • Allowed power supply for Robot (s) shall not be exceeded 24VDC.
  • Power supply that is considered dangerous or unsuitable by the Contest Committee shall not be permitted
  1. Weight

All Manual and Automatic Robots, including their power sources, cables, remote controller and other parts of each Robot shall be weighed prior to competition. The total allowable weight of all Robots for each team to be used throughout the contest must not exceed 40kg


  1. Duration of the Match
  • Before the match begins, setting of the Robots need to be completed within one (1) minute after receiving the signal for setting.
  • Each match shall last for three (3) minutes
  • However, the first team to achieve “GREEN PLANET!” wins the match regardless of the point collected by the opponent. The match ends when “GREEN PLANET ” is achieved
  1. Competition Rules
  • The Manual Robot takes the Leaves in the “Leaves Storage Area” then brings them to 3 positions in the Southern Hemisphere on their own game field.
  • After putting 3 leaves at the Southern Hemisphere, the Manual Robot is allowed to load Auto Robot with leaves
  • Manual Robot is allowed to load Auto Robot with leaves at the Starting Zone or to move the leaves onto the floor of the game field above first limit line
  • Manual Robot is not allowed to pass the first limit line (the extended Horizon)
  • When Manual Robot stop taking and loading the leaves, Auto Robot will be allowed to start
  • Auto Robot goes to put the leaves onto the Northern Hemisphere on their own game field and the common zone.
  • Auto Robot can put maximum 5 leaves onto Northern Hemisphere, including maximum a leaf in the Common Zone in the opponent’s side
  • When Auto Robot attaches at least 3 leaves in the Northern Hemisphere, including 2 leaves outside of Common Zone then:

Auto Robot is allowed to pick the Bud up in the North Pole.

When Auto Robot touches any bud, it is not allowed to take the leaves again.

Manual Robot can enter the game field surrounding the Earth Zone to receive the Bud from Auto Robot.

  • The Manual Robot has to stand behind the second limit line when shooting the Bud to the moon. If the team’s Bud stands on the moon, the team will get the “Green Planet”
  1. Points Award
    1. The team gains point when they successfully put their own leaves onto their assigned Trees (completely right into the hole)
    2. Scoring:
  • Attach the leaf in the Earth zone:                          10 points/leaf
  • Automatic Robot give Manual Robot the bud:    10 points/bud
    1. “GREEN PLANET” is achieved when a team success following action:
  • Shoot the Bud onto the moon;
  • The Bud stands on the moon;

The following actions will be regarded as violations and 5 (five) points will be deducted for each violation:

  1. Robot enters or extends over opponent’s zone (except common zone);
  2. Manual Robot enters planet zone;
  3. Automatic Robot starts before Manual Robot attaches 3 leaves in the Southern Hemisphere and stop moving the leaves
  4. Manual Robot continues to operate when Automatic Robot has started;
  5. Auto Robot continues to attach leaves after giving automatic Robot the buds


The following behavior shall be considered for disqualification of the whole team by the referees.

  1. Causing or attempting to cause damage to the Game Field, its robots, or the opponent’s robots, including the arrangement of the leaves;
  2. Team’s members touch their own Robots intentionally;
  3. Robots climb up the wall and enter the opponent’s game field.
  4. Start before referee’s whistle or signal more than once
  5. Romove the opponent’s leaf
  6. Use the RF to interfere in opponent’s results
  7. Performing any act against the spirit of fair play;


  1. All Robots must be built so that they will not harm the operators, the referees, match officials, audience, equipment and the game field
  2. To ensure safety, when using a laser beam, it must be less than a Class 2 laser, and used in a way that will not harm any operators, the referees, match officials, audience, opponent’s equipment and the game field.
  3. The Bud will be made by the team themselve which will be used soft material and safe for operators, the referees, match officials, audience, opponent’s equipment and the game field.


  1. Any other behaviors not specified in the rules, referees are given full authority to make the decision and the decision is final in the event of a dispute
  2. The tolerance about dimension of game field and tools is ± 5% (excluding the tolerance which is mention above)
  3. Any amendments to the rules will be announced by the Contest Committee and be updated on website as the “FAQ”:
  4. All teams are encouraged to decorate two Robots in their own styles.
  5. Robots to take part in the contest must be made by the students themselves.
  6. When requested by the Contest Committee, each participating country will be asked to provide information on their robots, including the videotape, which explains the structure and the movement of the participating teams’ robots, prior to the shipment of the robot.


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