Nvidia Jetson Xavier Nx

NVIDIA launches NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX Developer kit

 0 comment  1137 Views  Tuesday, May 26, 2020

NVIDIA® Jetson™ systems that provide the performance and power efficiency to run autonomous machines software, faster and with less power has recently this month announced a new NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX Developer kit with cloud-native support. It provides a development platform for the Jetson Xavier NX module that is smaller than a credit card sizing only 70mm x 45mm. The energy saving module offers heavy duty performance up to 21 TOPS at 15W, or 14 TOPS at 10 W. The Xavier NX... Read More

Avnet Xrf16

Avnet XRF16 RFSoC System-on-Module for enhancement of 5G application

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Avnet, a embedded solutions and electronics components provider have released its new Avnet XRF16™ RFSoC System-on-Module which comes with integration into deployed RF systems demanding small footprint, low power, and real-time processing. The XRF16 also features the Xilinx Zynq® UltraScale+™ RFSoC Gen 2, with 16 RF-ADC and 16 RF-DAC channels. With the XRF16 module and an exhaustive software suite, developers can start model and application improvement promptly and move instantly to manufacturing with a similar hardware. “Developers require the latest, most... Read More

Tinker Edge R Mini Pc

ASUS launches Tinker Edge R mini PC for Machine learning and AI applications

 0 comment  990 Views  Monday, May 18, 2020

On May 5th ASUS the multinational the Taiwan based giant of computer and phone hardware and Electronics Company has announced it all new single board mini computer dedicated for machine learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications. They named it ASUS Tinker Edge R mini PC which is drived by Rockchip RK3399Pro NPU. “A machine-learning (ML) accelerator that speeds up processing efficiency, lowers power demands and makes it easier to build connected devices and intelligent applications” claims ASUS. For connectivity the... Read More

Open Source Stack Camera

Raspberry Pi’s new open source stack camera based on Libcamera

 0 comment  889 Views  Saturday, May 16, 2020

After the big release of the Raspberry pi high quality camera module, Raspberry pi is back with another release. Recently Raspberry Pi announced an open source camera stack that is intended to replace the previously heavily-proprietary GPU-driven version. Back in 2013 when Raspberry pi first launched their camera module, they were criticized by users for wanting easier access to the internals of the camera system and also the capability to attach the camera sensors to their own Raspberry Pi board.... Read More


Maxbotix’s Ultrasonic+IR Range Finder – IRXLMaxSonar – MB2530

 0 comment  774 Views  Friday, May 15, 2020

MaxBotix Inc. designs and manufactures ultrasonic sensors for a wide variety of applications. Recently Maxbotix announced its unique patent pending Ultrasonic+IR Range Finder –The IRXLMaxSonar - MB2530. The MB2530 is an elite sensor for observing distance and proximity inside 50cm to 1650cm with a 1cm resolution. This detecting setup makes for fantastic large object discovery while as yet having side object rejection. It is capable of 1.8Hz read rate and three yield alternatives; pulse-width, analog voltage, and RS232. The MB2530... Read More

Raspberry Pi Relay

Unique Raspberry Pi relay board that stacks up to 32 relays

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In this unique Kickstarter project Raspberry Pi fans building projects consolidating relays might be keen on another bit of component made by Sequent Microsystems, presenting up to 32 relays in a single task. Raspberry Pi relay board is available from the command line and incorporates Python drivers and pluggable connectors. The Raspberry Pi relay board delivers up to 10A and 250V on each line. Now you can control your lights and appliances directly from Raspberry Pi.  “The cards are stacked... Read More