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Interfacing Hall Effect Sensor with Arduino – Connection Code

0 comment 104 Views Thursday, May 6, 2021
Hall Effect sensor works on the principle of magnetic field measurement. Hall Effect shows the behavior of charge carriers when it is exposed to electricity and magnetic fields. This principle can be explained as an extension to Lorentz Force. The sensors working on this concept are called Hall Effect Sensors. These Hall Effect Sensors are in high demand and have very wide applications such as Wheel speed sensors, Switches, Positional sensors, & more. Hall Effect Sensors are components that the...

Programming Raspberry Pi Pico using Micro-Python

0 comment 202 Views Saturday, April 24, 2021
Raspberry Pi Pico was launched recently. It became very popular due to its price and features. As we are moving forward in newer generations of controllers, we are observing cost-effective yet better-performing controllers. Here the Pico comes with an RP2040 chip, which the RaspberryPi Team developed. It is cheap, small, and draws very low power. The Raspberry Pi Pico chip is a dual-core Arm processor (running at 133MHz), which also comes with 264KB of RAM, 26 GPIO pins, including three...