Sneha is an Embedded Engineer and has recently joined Robu. Done many electronics projects in her 2+ years of professional career. Likes to play and make new things with sensors and microcontrollers. With her handful of coding skills, she wish to do incredible things. Here is her LinkedIn profile.

How to Interface ESP8266 with Arduino

0 comment 234 Views Thursday, April 8, 2021
If you want to build an IoT project as a beginner, then ESP8266 is a fresh start to enter the IoT field. ESP8266 module can be programmed in two ways: By LUA scripting and the second is by Arduino programming. As Arduino is gaining much popularity in Embedded system, we will program this module through an Arduino IDE. This tutorial is all about interfacing and programming the ESP8266 module with Arduino. What Is ESP8266? ESP8266 is a Low-cost wifi module...

IoT Architecture

0 comment 265 Views Monday, April 12, 2021
Internet of things has lots of potential to change the world, Yes true! We all know that. But why we are saying that, the question came into your mind, what is IoT? You consider it a system that takes the data from some system, stores it onto a cloud, and displays that on our system or a network, it is our basic assumption. Though you think it is just sending data on the cloud and monitoring it, but it is...