AD8232 Heart Rate Monitor Detail Guide; Interfacing with Arduino

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The AD8232 is a very useful sensor that measures the heart's electrical activity, Known as ECG. ECG, also known as EKG or Electrocardiography, is measuring electrical changes generated by cardiac movement. Cardiac disease is the main concern nowadays for people over the '50s. This signal is attributed, at least partially, to more sedentary and stressful lifestyles and unhealthy habits. But genetics may also play a role. Hence we cannot ignore heart disease by analyzing or monitoring the ECG signal at... Read More


Interfacing Gesture Sensor with Arduino.

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Gesture sensor is widely used and heavily studied over the globe. As a result, most smartphones have a feature of using gestures control nowadays, instead of using buttons. Touchless gesture control is a frontier in the world of human-machine interfaces. You can control major things by sensing touch with the help of this sensor. Here all you have to do is swipe your hand over this sensor, and you can control any Robot, computer, HMI (Human-machine Interface), Games, Smartphones, etc.... Read More


The PH Meter by Using Arduino (Detail Guide).

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A pH meter is a scientific instrument that measures the hydrogen ion concentration in the solution to decide its acidity and alkalinity. The pH meter measures the difference between the electrical potentials of the pH electrode and the reference electrode. The pH meter is manufactured by comparing various pH readings of the sample solutions to the defined solution with a defined reference pH, such as buffers. Therefore is important to calibrate the pH meter with appropriate buffer values before measuring... Read More


Interfacing Fingerprint Sensor With Arduino – Complete Guide

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Nowadays, fingerprint sensors play a vital role in security systems and at access points. Fingerprint application has existed for the identification purpose. Every person has a unique fingerprint, so it is the best way to identify an accessible person for a system. The fingerprint is classified into five types whorl, right loop, left loop, tented, and arch. Features of the fingerprint recognition system are faster speed, lower cost. Also, consistency is more significant than other systems. In this tutorial, we... Read More


Traffic Light Controller Using Arduino

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The Arduino is the most popular open-source microcontroller board used for many electronics and DIY projects. Traffic light controller by using Arduino is a simple electronic project. Nowadays, everyone prefers a personal vehicle. Hence, the number of vehicles on the road is increasing continuously, which results in traffic jams. Traffic light controller helps to manage the traffic and to maintain proper traffic management. These systems are placed at the intersections of the road or at the crossings to avoid congestions... Read More

Interfacing of MQ2 Smoke sensor with Arduino

MQ2 Sensor Interfacing with Arduino – Gas and Smoke Detection

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Nowadays, sensors play a major role in safety systems. In order to detect smoke and fire, smoke sensors are used. They provide appropriate action on time for safety purposes. There are numerous types of sensors available to measure environmental characteristics like light, noise, smoke, etc. One such sensor used in safety systems to detect harmful gases is the MQ2 Gas sensor. If you want to make an indoor air quality monitoring system, breath checker, or early fire detection system, the... Read More