LDROBOT is a high-tech Enterprise that focused on Independent R&D and the production of robot motion perception technology. With the mission of “building infrastructure for the age of intelligent machines”, LDROBOT intents to be a global leading supplier of Mobile Robot Lidar Sensors and Solutions. Through the in-depth layout of core Artificial Intelligence and robotics technology, LDROBOT has obtained more than 300+ patents of intellectual property rights, of which 200+ are core invention patents.
With excellent product quality and continuous innovation, core services on full series of Lidar sensors、self-developed algorithms, and a cloud platform, LDROBOT has innovatively developed unique robot positioning and navigation technology, which is widely used in many application scenarios such as home service robots, commercial service robots, drones, logistics warehousing robots, industrial visual measurement, and inspection…etc. LDROBOT uses “perception” to empower mobile robots to “understand” the world, and build a leap-forward development on the intelligent age of new robot patterns.

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