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After spending money on the raspberry pi are you wondering if you could connect it to your laptop display instead of connecting it to your TV or Monitor. Yeah ! it is possible to do so. In this article you will learn how you can connect your Raspber
Grove Creator Kit - Alpha (20 in 1 Sensor Kit)
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We are all living in a world of sensors. Sensors are everywhere, from our mobile phones to wristwatches to UAVs to airplanes to satellites. Even our own body has them (in the form of sensory organs). Sensors can be easily dubbed as the building bloc
What is temperature sensor
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In this world of internet choosing, a correct informative blog is really very difficult. And once you start reading, they all sound the same. So why not read something interesting.We have all measured our body temperature at some point; curiosi
NANO Arduino
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Being one of the most popular board in the world of electronics, Arduino has been developed in many different variants according to the needs and demands. Here, I said demand in the context of size and reliability. With the day by day evolution of c
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Most people say that they know about the term relay or have heard it. Some will say that it is a type of protection device, some say it is a transmission device and even some say it is a type of race (relay race). But what does is it really mean? In
Difference between microprocessor and microcontroller
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Microcontroller, microprocessorā€¦ufff!!! when I was in my college days these two words literally blown my mind, I hope the same thing is happening with you too. But don't worry, after reading some blogs and watching some youtube videos I came to t
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Hello Guys! I hope you have learned all about Arduino in my previous guide. Before doing any project based on the Arduino board it is very important that you should know the pin configuration of the board. So in order to help you guys, in this blog,
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Hello there! You seems to be familiar with ARDUINO, but do you know about ARDUINO UNO? You may have heard about it in general, but I am pretty sure that you are curious to know about this UNO in details. Thatā€™s why, I am here to provide you detail
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As you are here, I assume you are new to the world of Arduino. Welcome! to the most popular topic of the electronics field. In this guide, I will be explaining to you what is Arduino? and how it makes a difference in the world.By reading this b