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Hello people, today we are going to see about the PIC microcontroller, what is it, and why we do use it. PIC is a microcontroller, before going to the introduction to PIC we will see a basic definition of a microcontroller. What is a Microcontrol
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Raspberry Pi has rolled out its end-of -year software update, bringing a handful of tweaks, changes and improvements to its open-source Raspberry Pi OS (formally Raspbian). First amongst these is an update to the operating system's Chromium browse
Smart Irrigation System
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Hello everyone, today we will be trying a new interesting IOT based project. It's a good project for a tech learner like you.  The Smart Irrigation System has a wide scope to automate the complete irrigation system. Here we are building an IoT-b
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Hi guys, today we will going to make one amazing and very simple IOT project with the help of ESP8266 NodeMCU by which you can monitor the data of a place on your mobile screen from any point of the world. So what we will going to learn in this proj
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Hello guys!! I am sure that you all are very much familiar with the Arduino UNO. You can start now to build your own projects with the proteus software. This software is beneficial for beginners who are afraid to do their projects directly on the ha
MQ Series Gas Sensor
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Hi guys, today we are going to talk about the gas sensor series you can also say that MQ gas sensor series. Detecting poisonous and pollution gases are always relevant to us, Gas sensor perform this operation, Some gas sensor is very expensive, luck
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Generally, there are two methods to load the program into Arduino: USB/Serial Communication method ISP method The first method is the most common method, which implemented using USB-to-serial adapter chip/converter. For example, CT-UNO is