3D Printing Service

India’s first Instant Quotation 3D Printing Service by Robu. An online 3D Printing Service gives businesses flexibility in production. Scale your product development with fastest manufacturing on request service.

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Why should you choose our Service?

✔  We are the first in India to provide the Instant Quotation
✔  Lead times from 1 business day
✔  FDM 3D printing with PLA, ABS, PETG material
✔  Printing with 35+ colors
✔  Rapid prototyping & full-scale production
✔  FREE Shipping
✔  Dedicated customer support team
✔  IP Protection. We ensure your designs are Safe.

Upload Your Design

Design your ideas in 3D model. Upload those 3D models on our website using one-click.

Select Material

Select from PLA, ABS, PETG materials available in various 35+ colors.

Add To Cart

Ordering your print is easy. Just click on Add-to-Cart to send your requirement to our team.

3D Printing & Shipping

Our dedicated team will produce prototypes and end-use parts with highest attention to quality.

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Robu.in Has Launched 3D Printing Service, Instant Quotation & Multicolor Printing

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