Connecting things together and Flying !!

In this tutorial, we will be looking on final connections to be made to make your quadcopter flying ready.


Step 1 – Solder the Input Power Cable and ESC’s power cable

  • First of all start by soldering the esc’s and the battery connector to the bottom plate.
  • The frame we are using have a power distribution in built. Hence just need to solder the Power Cable (Where battery will be connected) and the ESC’s power input pins.
  • Solder it perfectly. Make sure that +ve (red wire) and -ve (black wire) are soldered at proper place.

Step 2 – Making Connections and Assemble the Quad (Upper, Lower Frame and 4 legs)

  • Setup the frame. Make sure that the screws are tightened correctly.

  • Now mount the motors on the arms and make all connections.
  • Mount the Motors in the Configuration as given below.

  • Make the ESC’s connections with APM as shown.We are making Quad X.

  • Connect all the components correctly.

  • Tie everything using Zip Tie Cables so that nothing should come on the way of propeller.
  • Stick the APM and Reciever on the frame using Double Sided tape.

Step 3 – Making Sure that Everything is working fine –

  • The frame is assembled and connections are done.
  • Make sure that propellers aren’t fitted yet.
  • Connect the battery and Arm the Quadcoter.
  • Give some Throttle. See that all the motors start at same time.
  • Take the Quad in your hand and Bend it. You should feel the effect of change in speed of rotation of motor.
  • If you bend it to the left, the 2 left motors should Speed up while the 2 right motors should speed down so that it will make quad stable.
  • Repeat the same at all Directions and make sure that everything is fine.
  • Now you can put on the propellers and fly your Quad in Open Ground (Fly it in open space only as no one should get hurt if anything goes wrong)

Step 4 – Flying Directions –

  • Here are some flying directions which everyone should know before flying.

  • Always incresase the Throttle very slowly.
  • To practice well, you can also virtually simulate using your Transmitter and laptop. It will be the best way to practice flying.


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