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Instant Quotation Laser Cutting Service by Robu. An online Laser Cutting Service gives businesses flexibility in production. Scale your product development with the fastest manufacturing on request service.

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Why should you choose ROBU?

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✔  Lead time: From 2-3 Business Day.
✔  Laser Cutting with Acrylic, ABS, MDF material.
✔  Multi-material cutting, you can choose from 25+ different colors.
✔  Rapid prototyping & full-scale production.
✔  Dedicated customer support team.
✔  IP Protection to ensure your designs are Safe.

Upload Final

Upload Your Design

Design your ideas in a 2D model. Upload those 2D models on our website using one click.

Sheet Metal Selection

Select Material

Select from Acrylic, ABS, MDF materials available in various 25+ colors.

Add To Cart

Add To Cart

Ordering your parts is easy. Just click the Add-to-Cart button to send your requirement to our team.

Laser Cutting Machine Vector

Laser Cutting & Shipping

Our dedicated team will manufacture prototypes and end-use parts with the highest attention to quality.

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