Our category page for Bluetooth WiFi and Trans-receiver ICs offers a diverse selection of options to meet your wireless communication needs. Explore our range of NRF communication ICs, including NRF51422, NRF51822, nRF8001, NRF52832, NRF52840, NRF24L01P, and SP491 IC.

We also provide transceiver ICs like CMT2210LB, CMT2119AW, CMT2210LH, and CMT2300AW, as well as WiFi ICs such as ESP32-D0WDQ6, ESP8285, ESP8266EX, and many more.

These ICs enable seamless Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity, ensuring reliable wireless communication. Browse our collection and discover the ideal Bluetooth and WiFi ICs for your projects, unlocking the potential of wireless communication in your designs.

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