• 550 Diaphragm Pump 12V Water Pump for Water Spray Fish Tank Reflux Pump

    Product Code(SKU): 77240
     639.00 (inc GST)
    1. Watering configuration: much the same, additional sprinklers and timers are required
    2. 12V DC reflux diaphragm pump 550, the price is the price of a pump, without other accessories
    3. Maximum pressure: 0.48MP.
    4. Voltage: 12V, current: at least 2A, measured 1A is not able to bring
    5. Suction: 3 meters or so, preferably 2 meters (no problem if the vertical height is 1.5 meters).
    6. Head: 4-5 meters (head is not shot)
    7. Highest temperature resistance 55°
    8. Flow rate: 3.5L/min
    9. Cable Length: 28 cm
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  • DC6-12V MINI Aquarium water Pump R385

    Product Code(SKU): 31125
     304.00 (inc GST)
    1. Pump size: 40 x 90 x 35 (LxWxH) mm.
    2. Outlet diameter: 6 mm
    3. outside diameter: 9 mm.
    4. Working voltage: DC6-12 v (Recommended use 9v 1A, Or 12v 1A).
    5. Working current: 0.5-0.7 A.
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  • 370 Diaphragm 3-5V Self-Priming Small Micro Vacuum Pump

    Product Code(SKU): 77661
     390.00 (inc GST)
    1. Suitable for voltage Range: DC 3-5V
    2. Weight: 60g
    3. Pump head inlet, outlet diameter: 3.95mm,
    4. Can be used with 3 x 5mm silicone tube
    5. Brand new and high quality.
    6. Small size but strong;
    7. Low consumption and high efficiency.
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  • 15L High Flow 555 Vaccum Pump, Air Pump, Oxygen Pump, Fish Tank Folding

    Product Code(SKU): 76749
     859.00 (inc GST)
    1. Rated current: 800mA
    2. Inflation time: <6 seconds (from 0 to 300 mmHg in a 1000CC closed container)
    3. Minimum pressure: >400 mmHg (53.33KPa)
    4. Hermeticity: <5mmHg (from 1000mmHg in 1000CC container min), airtight only for inflation
    5. Flow rate: >15 L/Min
    6. Noise: <55dB (test at 30cm distance)
    7. Lifetime: 100,000 cycles tested
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  • 280 Diaphragm 3.7V Self-Priming Small Micro-pump Tea Fitting Metering Pump

    Product Code(SKU): 76867
     259.00 (inc GST)
    1. Brand new and high quality.
    2. Small size but strong;
    3. Low consumption and high efficiency.
    4. Multi-purpose. Can be used as a diaphragm pump, water pump, water suction pump, vacuum pump. Applications: fish tank water changes, experimental models, inflatable small pool, tea machine, grain oil pumping station, car scrub, etc.
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