2 DOF Arm

  • Full Set DIY 2DOF Robot Arm Manipulator Claw+2pcs Servo Brackets(Not Assembly) Kit

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    1. Weight capacity is about 300 gm objects
    2. Material: Full aluminum alloy
    3. Weight: About 64gm
    4. Maximum angle: 54mm
    5. Total length: 110mm (paw when closed overall longest length)
    6. Total width: 94mm (the claws open when the maximum overall width)
    7. Servo bracket used in the shoulders and knees or another joint of humanoid robots, biped robots etc.
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  • Robot Manipulator Mechanical Arm Metal claws

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    1. The degree of Freedom (DOF): 2
    2. Paw material: aluminum alloy
    3. Paw weight: about 68g (without motor)
    4. Claws overall length: 108mm (overall maximum length when closed paw)
    5. Claws overall width: 98mm (maximum overall width of the paw when open)
    6. Paw maximum opening angle: 55mm
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