• ADXL335 Module 3-axis Analog Output Accelerometer

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    1. Onboard LDO Voltage regulator
    2. Can be interfaced with 3V3 or 5V Microcontroller.
    3. Tap/Double Tap Detection
    4. Free-Fall Detection
    5. Analog output
    6. Build in ultra low noise linear LDO voltage regulator
    7. Built-in onboard filters, which reduce noise from the motor and other high current electronics
    8. You can easily select two I2C address for MPU6050 by soldered jumper
    9. Power LED
    10. Build in Logic level converter for I2C
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  • LM35D Analog Temperature Sensor Module + Cable

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    1. Based on the semiconductor LM35 temperature sensor
    2. Can be used to detect ambient air temperature
    3. Calibrated directly in °Celsius (Centigrade)
    4. Linear + 10 mV/°C Scale Factor
    5. 0.5°C Ensure accuracy (at +25°C)
    6. Low power consumption, less than 60uA
    7. Low output impedance, 1mA current through only 0.1Ω
    8. With screw holes for easy installation and fixed. Aperture 2.6mm
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