• ATMEGA16 ATmega 32 ISP AVR Minimum Development System Board Module

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    1. 32 I/O pin all the leads.
    2. Classic ATmega16 minimum system, eliminating the hassle of soldering.
    3. Support chips: ATmega16/ATmega32 and chip which pin-compatible.
    4. Power supply: power adapter or external expansion pin power supply (not support ISP download interface power supply)
    5. DC-005 Power Block (supporting the transposon is 5.5*2.1mm).
    6. Reset: Power-on-reset and reset button.
    7. Power LED (D1) and the program run indicator (D2).
    8. Standard ISP download interface.
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  • SmartElex ATmega32 Development Board on-board Programmer

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    1. Onboard 5V regulator (78M05) circuit.
    2. On-Board power supply on-off switch
    3. Power Status LED (RED)
    4. User LED D0, D1 connected to any port pin through D0, D1 Jumper respectively.
    5. User Switch SW1, SW2 connected to any port pin through SW1, SW2 Jumper respectively.
    6. Onboard 12 MHz crystal
    7. Port extensions for all ports with detailed pin labeling for easy identification of pins
    8. Onboard USB TO Serial – CH340 Chip.
    9. On-board Micro USB USBASP for loading HEX file.
    10. Servo motor Connector (Run only up to 300mA).
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