G15 Cube Servo

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  • Cytron G15 Shield

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    1. Arduino reset button
    2. 4 x G15 Cube Servo ports.
    3. External power port for a servo with polarity protection
    4. Stackable I/O header pin
    5. Selectable digital pins for the control pin with mini jumpers
    6. TX and RX indicator LEDs to show communication activities, only on Rev2.0.
    7. Selectable Serial pins, Either hardware serial or software serial via mini jumpers, only on Rev2.0
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  • G15 Cube Servo 6-18V DC 360⁰ Rotation Servo Motor

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    1. Voltage:  6.5 – 17.8VDC
    2. Holding Torque: (at 12V)
    3. Rated Torque: (at 12V)
    4. Speed:  63RPM (no load at 12V)
    5. Current:1.5A (max. at 12V)
    6. Rotation: 360°
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