Heatbed Sticker

  • 220 x 220 x 0.5mm Frosted Heated Bed Sticker Build Plate Tape with Adhesive Backing for 3D Printer

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    ₹ 233.05 (+18% GST extra)

    1. Suitable for PLA, ABS, HIPS, PETG, TPE filament, nylon, PC, RETT material. Usage for the Anet A6 A8 3D Printer
    2. Provides extra adhesive force between filament and heating board.
    3. Effectively prevents deformation of ABS, PLA filament.
    4. Simple design, fast installation.
    5. Dull polish treated surface, reusable 3D printer accessory.
    6. Installs much easier than masking tape or films typically used and with fewer chances of air bubbles
    7. Protects build plate
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