MP3 Module

  • Non-Destructive MP3 Decoding Board with Self-Powered TF Card U Disk Decoded Player Module

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    1. Support MP3 format, playing power on automatically.
    2. When mp3 is played the red LED flashes.
    3. Support U disk (test 32G), TF Card (test 16G) play mode; power on default.
    4. Buttons can be adjusted up and down to control songs, volume up and down, pause or play, mode switching.
    5. Press menu button enter the single / all song play mode.
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  • VS1003 VS1003B MP3 Module Decoding Containing Microphones STM32

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    1. Separate analog, digital, and IO power supply
    2. Serial data and control interface (SPI)
    3. 1 headphone and audio output interface
    4. 1microphone for recording, support audio encoding format
    5. 1 line input interface; supports MP3 and WAV stream
    6. Power indicator light.
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