• Micro USB-B (Female) to USB Type C (Male) Converter Adapter for Raspberry Pi 4

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    1. Can be used for All development Board with C type port for 5V@3A supply
    2. Supports Reversible plug orientation
    3. Simple Plug and Play device, no driver software required.
    4. Supports High-speed data transfers
    5. Can be Use for Mobile and Tablets with Fast Charging support
    6. Compact and Light Weight
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    1. PIC32MX440F256H 80 Mhz microcontroller 256KB Flash 32KB RAM
    2. DC power supply allows power supply voltage from 9 to 30V DC
    3. Carefully selected, all of the components work reliably in the INDUSTRIAL temperature range -25+85C.
    4. ULTRA LOW POWER voltage regulators and the consumption is only a few microamps
    5. microSD card for data logging
    6. Allows RTC – Real Time Clock.
    7. NOISE IMMUNE design.
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  • Raspberry Pi zero 3in1 Micro USB Cable+Pin Header+HDMI Adapter

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    Mini HDMI to HDMI Adapter makes it easy to output data from more than zero raspberry, it supports high-speed data transfer.
    Micro USB to USB Female Cable Take Advantage to Match USB Devices.
    Male header GPIO is special for Raspberry Pi Zero.

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