Smart camera

  • OpenMV Cam M7 Smart Vision Camera

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    1. microSD card socket capable of 100Mbs read or write
    2. SPI bus runs up to 54Mbs allowing easy stream image data
    3. 12-bit ADC and 12-bit DAC
    4. Three I/O pins for servo control
    5. Interrupts and Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) on all 10 I/O pins
    6. RGB LED and two high power 850nm IR LEDs
    7. OV7725 image sensor capable of 640 x 480 8-bit grayscale or 320 x 240 16-bit RGB565 images at 30 FPS
    8. I2C bus, CAN bus, and asynchronous serial bus (TX/RX) for interfacing with microcontrollers and sensors
    9. OpenMV camera comes with a 2.8mm lens on a standard M12 lens mount
    10. STM32F765VI Arm® Cortex® M7 processor runs at 216MHz with 512KB of RAM and 2MB of flash
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  • XiaoMi Sports FPV Camera Video Output Transmission Cable

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    1. Suitable for Xiaomi Sport Camera
    2. Provides a 5V power supply interface,
    3. Aerial aircraft can directly use the 5V output to power the camera.
    4. Weight: 5gm.
    5. length: 30cm (Approx.)
    6. AV output DuPont head 3P buckle.
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