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  • ISD1760 Recording Playback Module

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    1. Non-volatile message storage using patented multi-level storage (MLS)
    2. Full range of Record and Playback Durations (6 Seconds to 17 Minutes)
    3. 4.0 to 12.0KHz Sampling Frequency provides Industry-Leading Sound Quality
    4. Designed for Message Management
    5. Single/Multiple messages
    6. Low Voltage Operation
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  • WT588D-16P Voice Sound Audio Player Module DC 2.8V-5.5V for Arduino

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    1. Module package (with FLASH memory and peripheral circuits) have DIP16, DIP28, chip packaging has DIP18, SSOP20, and LQFP32 form
    2. Built 13Bit/DA converter, and 12Bit/PWM output
    3. PWM output can directly drive 0.5W/8Ω speakers, push-pull current abundant support DAC / PWM output of two ways;
    4. Support for loading WAV audio formats;
    5. USB download mode, support for online download / offline download;
    6. Power supply: 2.8V to 5.5V
    7. Current consumption in sleep mode: less than 10µA;
    8. Sampling frequency: from 6KHz to 22KHz
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