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Online 3D Printing Service

(13 customer reviews)

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  • 0.2 mm Standard Quality
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Brand: EasyMech
Category: 3D Printer parts, 3D Printer Kits
Tags: 3d printing service, 3d printing service in India, online 3d printing service

Welcome to India’s Instant Quotation online 3D Printing Service by Robu…!!

We believe in the ideas of our makers, and hence moving ahead with our tagline YOUR IDEAS-OUR PARTS we have established an online 3D Printing Service to print your ideas at an economical price.

We have been used to 3D printers from almost starting of our robu journey and that’s why having those advanced 3D printing machinery, inhouse range of Orange Filaments materials, skills acquired over years of work with a team of dedicated and experienced professionals in the field of 3D printing, we came up with the thought to provide the finest and most affordable 3D printing service in INDIA

Our Printer Specification:

  1. Build Volume: 24.5×20×20 cm (9.64″×7.87″×7.87″)
  2. Filament diameter: 1.75 mm
  3. Supported Materials – PLA, PETG, ABS
  4. Supported Wall thickness – 1 mm
  5. Assembly tolerance – 0.2 mm
  6. Dimensional Accuracy  – ±0.2 mm

To keep this 3D printing Service effortless we have mapped it into just four simple steps 

Upload design

Select Printer, Material, & Infill

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Why should you choose our Service?

✔  Lead time: From 1 Business Day
✔  3D Printing Type: FDM Printing
✔  FDM 3D printing with PLA, ABS, PETG material
✔  Multicolor printing, you can choose from 35+ different colours
✔  Rapid prototyping & full-scale production
✔  Dedicated customer support team
✔  IP Protection to ensure your designs are Safe

Based on 13 reviews

4.6 overall

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  1. ishdemon10 (verified owner)

    So far i have 2 3D print orders fulfilled. Quality is good but there is slight warping issue they have with ABS. They should take countermeasures to avoid that. Otherwise overall its good for Hobby projects.


  2. Ravindra Singh (verified owner)

    Amazing experience. Design came out perfect and the finishing + timely delivery helped seal the deal.

    Ravindra Singh

  3. kunaldhiman (verified owner)

    I am very happy with the way Robu handled my first order and the issues I had. The quality of prints is as expected and delivery was quick. I and already planning my next order and recommend using their professional service.


  4. prashantpanwar (verified owner)

    Test it for one small printed box for DIY project. Print quality and finish are very very good. Totally recommended.


  5. Rahul Jawale (verified owner)

    I have printed many racks for my half-length (10″) network rack. Each print came out well finished and as expected. Match that with amazing service and speedy shipping and you have a winning formula. Please keep up the good work!

    Rahul Jawale

  6. mayank.tandon (verified owner)

    Order placed at 13:15 on day-1 – received dispatch advice on day-2 at 11:50!! This was an incredible turn around of less than 24 hours without any special instructions! Super satisfied with the speed of execution & the print quality as well as the ease of design upload/ordering process. Have already placed my second order..


  7. nachiketcorr (verified owner)

    I printed some DIN rail and drag chain mounts, in addition to 2020 extrusion cable retention clips in ABS.

    Not only was the print quality great, but the dimensional accuracy was precise enough to ensure a snug friction fit.

    However, the best part was the ease of just uploading the STLs and configuring the print quality and density parameters.


  8. karan (verified owner)

    I have tried many services but their finishing is really good as compared to many others and delivery is also prompt. Would use this service again and again and highly recommend it to other too. 🙂


  9. getbiks (verified owner)

    Printed a Raspberry Pi case for myself and the quality was very good. Looking forward to use this service again. Hopefully the service will be little more reasonable as time goes by but was very glad to find a online service where I can get anything printed.


  10. sahilbaikar (verified owner)

    Build Quality and finishing work of the 3D model is Great.


  11. sahilbaikar (verified owner)

    Very Good Quality 3D printing service………..I had ordered a small miniature case for a development board from Adafruit…..the buld quality of the case was of pla ………….
    Great work Robu…


  12. Ishaan Singhania (verified owner)

    very good 3D printing quality at low price

    Ishaan Singhania

  13. fusion669

    super costly!


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