AX4-3A Temperature Controller


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  1. Power supply voltage: 100 – 240 V AC 50/60 Hz
  2. Voltage fluctuation: ±10 % of power supply voltage
  3. Power consumption: 5.5 VA max


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Category: Digital Multimeters and Clampmeter

The pAX4-3A Temperature Controller is a highly advanced and versatile device designed to accurately regulate and maintain temperature levels in various applications. It offers precise temperature control, a user-friendly interface, and numerous features that make it suitable for a wide range of industries and processes.

Note: For more technical details go through Datasheet in the attachment section


  1. Temperature Regulation: The pAX4-3A controller excels in maintaining temperature stability. It uses sophisticated algorithms to control heating and cooling devices, ensuring that the target temperature is achieved and maintained within a very narrow range.
  2. User-Friendly Interface: The controller features an intuitive interface with a clear display that allows users to easily set and monitor temperature parameters. The menu navigation and programming options are designed for simplicity and efficiency.
  3. Multiple Control Modes: The pAX4-3A offers various control modes, such as PID (Proportional-Integral-Derivative), ON/OFF, and manual control. This flexibility enables users to choose the most suitable mode for their specific application.
  4. PID Algorithm: The PID control algorithm is a standout feature of the pAX4-3A. It continuously adjusts the output to the heating or cooling system based on the difference between the desired setpoint and the current temperature. This ensures minimal temperature fluctuations and rapid response to changes.
  5. Communication Options: The controller often includes various communication protocols such as RS-232, RS-485, and Ethernet, allowing integration with external devices or systems. This is particularly useful for remote monitoring, data logging, and process automation.
  6. Alarms and Alerts: To enhance process safety, the pAX4-3A incorporates configurable alarms and alerts. If the temperature goes beyond predefined limits, the controller can trigger visual or audible alerts, or even initiate specific actions.
  7. Programmable Setpoints: The controller enables users to create and store multiple temperature profiles with programmable setpoints and ramp rates. This feature is valuable for processes that require temperature changes over time.
  8. Data Logging: Many models of the pAX4-3A come equipped with data logging capabilities. This allows the controller to record temperature readings over time, providing valuable insights into the temperature profile and process performance.
  9. Compact Design: The compact and often wall-mountable design of the pAX4-3A makes it suitable for installation in various environments, from laboratories to industrial settings.
  10. Reliability: Known for its robust construction and reliable performance, the pAX4-3A is built to withstand demanding conditions and ensure long-term operation.


  1. Input type Multi input(Thermocouple : K, J, R, T, IEC 584-1), (RTD : Pt100 Ω, IEC751)
  2. Sampling cycle: 100 ms
  3. Input impedance max: 1 ㏁
  4. Albwable input wiring resistance: 10 V DC
  5. Input resolving power
  6.  Thermocouple: 0.1℃ (K2, J, T), 0.5℃ (K1), 0.3℃ / 1℉ (R)
  7.  RTD: 0.03℃, (0.1 ℉)
  8. Insulation resistance: min 20㏁, 500 V DC 1 minute (primary terminal – secondary terminal)
  9. Dielectric strength: 2,300 V AC, 50/60 ㎐, for 1min (primary terminal – secondary terminal)
  10. Control method: PID control by Auto-tuning, ON/OFF control
    Manual reset: Users set with in the range 0.0% – 100.0%
    Control output operation: Reverse operation / Direct operation selectable by the parameter setting
    Control output
    • Relay output ※Selectable by the parameter setting 1a contact,
    3 A 240 V AC, 3 A 30 V DC(resistive load)
    • Voltage pluse output for running SSR [time sharing proportional control (CYC)]
    • Voltage plus output for running SSR [phase control(PHR)] 0/12 V DC, pulse voltage
    (resistive load minimum 600Ω)
    4 – 20 ㎃ DC(resistive load max. 600Ω)
  11. Power supply voltage: 100 – 240 V AC 50 / 60 ㎐
  12. Voltage fluctuation: ±10 % of the power supply voltage
  13. Power consumption: 5.5 VA max
  14. Ambient temperature: -5 ~ 50℃
  15. Ambient humidity: 35 ~ 85% RH (without condensation)
  16. Vibration resistance: 10 -55 ㎐, 0.75 mm, each to direction, X, Y and Z for 2 hours
  17. Shock resistance: 300 ㎨ to direction 6 each 3 times

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1 x AX4-3A Temperature Controller

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