EasyMech M4 washer
EasyMech M4 washer EasyMech M5 MS Plain Washer

EasyMech M4 MS Plain Washer-100pcs.

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  1. Brand: EasyMech.
  2. Type: M4
  3. Material: Mild Steel.
  4. Weight: 18 gm(100 pcs pack).
  5. Inner Diameter: 4mm.
  6. Outer Diameter: 8mm.
  7. Thickness: About 0.8mm.
  8. Color: Silver While
  9. Corrosive resistant.
  10. Ideal for a wide range of fixing applications.

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EasyMech M4 MS Plain Washer is great for adding resistance to your bolts and screws to prevent them from boring into the wood and weakening it. These USS coarse threaded washers are galvanized to be corrosion resistant and designed to fit other coarse fit bolts and washers. When selecting a washer, be sure to pick one that matches the fasteners you are already using. Picking a different finish may cause a chemical reaction, weakening your fasteners over time.

The large outside diameter of these washers helps distribute force to help prevent surface damage and improve connection. They are suitable for use in Domestic as well as industrial applications such as manufacturing, maintenance, and repair. They feature a zinc-plated finish.

EasyMech, a brand of which intends to make the life of users easy, and hence we discover best quality product from the best manufacturer worldwide to provide you easy to use mechanical products and these set of Bolt, Nut and washers are the part of the journey. These set of Nut and Bolts can generally be taken in use of small/Medium or also in Heavy duty fittings as well as in your DIY projects and mostly use in robotics Chasis assemblings. As per your specific requirements, the full range is available from 6 to 65 mm length and M2 to M5 Diameters in Bolt and Nut Catagory.


  1. Brand: EasyMech.
  2. Type: M4.
  3. Colour: Silver While
  4. Surface Finish: Nickel Plated
  5. Corrosive resistant.
  6. Ideal for a wide range of fixing applications.

Package Includes:

1 x EasyMech M4 MS Plain Washer-100pcs.




White Silver

Outer Diameter(mm)


Nut Inner Diameter (mm)



Mild Steel

Pack Quantity

100 Pcs



Surface Finish

Nickel Plated

Thickness (mm)

About 0.8mm.

Weight (gm)


Shipment Weight

0.1 kg

Shipment Dimensions

8 x 7 x 4 cm


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