Farra Capacitor Protection Board Balance Board 2.7/16V Lithium Titanate Battery Protection Board with Indicator Light


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  1. Operating Voltage: Designed for lithium titanate batteries with an operating voltage range of 2.7V to 16V.
  2. Circuit equalization voltage accuracy ±1%
  3. Protection Features: Overcharge protection, over-discharge protection, overcurrent protection, short circuit protection.
  4. Balancing Function: Helps in balancing the individual cell voltages in a battery pack to ensure uniform charge across all cells.
  5. Indicator Lights: LEDs indicating various states such as charging, fully charged, fault status, etc.


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Category: Battery Protection Board

This is Farra Capacitor Protection Board Balance Board 2.7/16V Lithium Titanate Battery Protection Board with Indicator Light. The Farra Capacitor Protection Board Balance Board is designed specifically for lithium titanate batteries to protect them from overcharging, over-discharging, and balancing the cell voltages. The 2.7/16V rating indicates its operating voltage range, typically used for lithium titanate batteries, which have a lower nominal voltage compared to other lithium-ion chemistries.

The indicator lights on the board usually show the status of the battery, such as charging, fully charged, or any faults in the system. This helps users monitor the battery’s condition and ensure it operates within safe parameters.

These protection boards are essential for ensuring the longevity and safety of lithium batteries, especially given their sensitivity to voltage fluctuations. Always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and specifications when using these protection boards to ensure proper functionality and safety.

1. Preparation before assembly
– Farad capacitor protection board
Before wiring, please empty all the stored charge in the capacitor, and short-circuit the positive and negative electrodes of each capacitor with a wire for more than three minutes (the larger the capacity, the longer the short-circuit time can be discharged).
-Lithium titanate protective plate
Before assembling, please ensure that the batteries are in good consistency, and the internal resistance/capacity of each battery should not differ too much. The best test is to choose batteries with good consistency to form a battery pack, so that the battery pack can achieve the longest life.
2. Charge
Lithium titanate battery:
Charge and discharge the same port, without the protection board. The charger should use a lithium battery charger (adjustable regulated power supply can also be used). Generally, the highest voltage will be indicated on the charger. It is forbidden to use a lead battery charger to charge lithium batteries.
Charging voltage: The number of battery strings is N, the cell voltage is limited to 2.7V, and the maximum charging voltage should not exceed N*2.7V. For example, 5 strings of battery packs, the maximum voltage should not exceed 5*2.7=13.5V. If the voltage of the charger is too high, all the indicator lights will be on at the end of the charge, and the charging can be stopped at this time. If this state is maintained for a long time, it is not good for the protection board.
Charging current: It is determined by the performance of the charger and battery, and has nothing to do with the protection board used.
The first charge: Before charging, please ensure that the voltage difference of each battery is within 0.05V, and the battery higher than that should be discharged to the same level. Please pay attention to the status of the protection board at any time when charging for the first time! When the voltage of a single battery reaches about 2.7V, the overvoltage indicator lights up. At this time, special attention should be paid to the voltage of the corresponding battery.
Farah capacitance:
Before use, please charge the capacitor bank to a voltage similar to the working state. You can use a high-power resistor to limit the current to prevent the power supply from being damaged or overcurrent protection caused by excessive current. If there is an indicator light on when the capacitor bank is working normally, please remove the capacitor bank to check the capacity of the capacitor. For the test method of Farad capacitor capacity, please refer to the advanced section.
1. Please test protection boards again before installation. The test of the adjustable regulated power supply (can be replaced by two dry batteries) is as follows: adjust the current value to about 0.5A, adjust the voltage to about 3.0V, and connect the positive and negative electrodes of the assembled batteries to each line in sequence On (don’t worry about reverse connection, there is no current in reverse connection), the LED will light up red.
Possible failures of the protection board:
1) A certain circuit does not turn on when the protection voltage is reached, and the power resistor does not heat up. 2) A certain channel starts to discharge when the protection voltage is not reached, and it may start to discharge as soon as the battery is connected. In the above two situations, please contact customer service.
2. When the protection board is protected, it will generate a lot of heat. This is the heat generated by the discharge of the battery that exceeds the protection voltage through the transistor and the resistor. If the heat cannot be dissipated in time, it will damage the protection board or the battery. Therefore, the protection board should have enough heat. space to dissipate heat, do not wrap the protective plate with other materials.
3. Under normal circumstances, the voltage of a few batteries will exceed the protection voltage in the final stage of charging, so that the heat will be controlled within a certain range. When the indicator light is on, the cell voltage is 2.7V. When more than half of the indicator lights are on, please stop charging, check the voltage of each battery and charger, please check the battery capacity (provided that the initial power of each battery should be controlled at the same level before assembly), you can try a few higher voltages Charge the battery after a part of the battery power is discharged, and check the maximum charging voltage of the charger at the same time (the last stage of the lithium battery charger is constant voltage charging, and the voltage measured at this time can be regarded as the maximum charging voltage of the charger).
4. If possible, check the battery voltage again after running the battery pack with load for several cycles to ensure that the battery voltage is not much different.


1. This protection board can protect Farad capacitors and lithium titanate batteries and is suitable for Farad capacitors and lithium titanate batteries with a voltage of 2.7V
2. The protection voltage can be fine-tuned within the range of 2.5V-3V by replacing the voltage divider resistor (higher equalizing voltage needs to replace the high-resistance power resistor)
3. The working principle of the circuit is that when the voltage of a single battery/capacitor is higher than the equilibrium voltage, the battery/capacitor is discharged by turning on the transistor inside the circuit, and the excess power is dissipated into heat through the power resistor.
4. The single-piece protection board is suitable for any 1-6S battery/capacitor. When the number of strings is less than 6S, connect it from the negative pole according to the wiring diagram, and leave the extra lines empty.

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1 x Farra Capacitor Protection Board Balance Board 2.7/16V Lithium Titanate Battery Protection Board with Indicator Light

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2.7V to 16V

Voltage accuracy


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