HQProp Thin Electric Prop 9x5R (2CW) Propeller


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  1. HQProp Propeller
  2. Blackish Grey Color
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  4. Design Innovation
  5. Compatibility
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Brand: HQProp
Category: 8 inch to 10 inch
Tags: hqprop propeller

This is HQProp Thin Electric Prop 9x5R (2CW) Propeller. HQProp, short for “High-Quality Propellers,” is a well-known brand in the field of drone and multirotor propellers. HQProp produces a wide range of propellers designed for various types of drones, including quadcopters, multirotors, FPV racing drones, freestyle drones, and more. The brand is popular among drone enthusiasts and pilots for its focus on quality, performance, and innovation. HQProp has gained popularity within the drone community, particularly among FPV (First-Person View) racing and freestyle enthusiasts, for its innovative designs and commitment to delivering top-notch propeller options.

Drone pilots often experiment with different propellers to find the best balance between thrust, efficiency, and maneuverability for their specific needs.  It’s important to note that propeller selection can have a significant impact on the overall performance and flight characteristics of a drone. Choosing the right propellers for a drone involves considering factors such as drone size, weight, motor specifications, flight characteristics, and intended use.


  1. Diverse Selection: HQProp offers a diverse selection of propellers with varying sizes, pitches, blade counts, and materials. This allows drone pilots to choose propellers that suit their specific requirements, whether it’s speed, agility, efficiency, or stability.
  2. Material Options: HQProp produces propellers in different materials, including durable polycarbonate, lightweight carbon fiber, and other composite materials. The choice of material can influence the propellers’ performance characteristics, such as thrust, efficiency, and durability.
  3. Design Innovation: HQProp is known for its innovative propeller designs that aim to optimize performance and reduce noise. Some designs feature unique blade shapes, curved tips, and advanced aerodynamics for improved efficiency and control.
  4. FPV Racing and Freestyle: HQProp has a strong presence in the FPV racing and freestyle drone community. Many of their propellers are designed for quick acceleration, high speeds, and agile maneuvers, making them popular choices for competitive racing and freestyle flying.
  5. Compatibility: HQProp propellers are available in various sizes to match different motor configurations and drone frame designs. They offer propellers for both conventional and inverted flight configurations.
  6. Color Options: HQProp propellers often come in a variety of colors, allowing drone pilots to personalize the look of their drones.
  7. Performance Tuning: The ability to choose different propeller sizes and pitches allows pilots to fine-tune their drones’ performance for specific tasks, such as achieving higher top speeds, better control, or longer flight times.
  8. Usage Considerations: HQProp propellers, like any other propellers, should be chosen carefully based on factors such as motor specifications, drone weight, flight style, and intended use. Using the right propellers can greatly impact flight performance and efficiency.

Package Includes:

2 x HQProp Thin Electric Prop 9x5R (CW) Propeller

2 x Adapter Rings

SKU: R111377 Category: Tag:

Blackish Grey



Prop. Diameter (inch)




No. of Blades


Prop. Material

Carbon Fiber Composite

Hub Diameter (mm)


Hub Thickness (mm)


Prop Shaft (mm)


Adapter Rings (mm)


Weight (g):

9, each

Shipping Weight 0.03 kg
Shipping Dimensions 27 × 5 × 3 cm
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