Megawin MG82F6D16AE28 PDIP 28 Microcontroller

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  1. 16K Bytes flash ROM
  2. 1K Bytes Data RAM
  3. Dual data pointer
  4. Provide one channel DMA engine
  5. 16 sources Interrupt with four-level priority interrupt capability


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Brand: Megawin
Category: Microcontroller ICs

Megawin’s MG82f6D17AE20 is a 20 PIN low-cost 8051-based microcontroller in a DIP package. MG82F6D17 is equipped with 16KB Flash, 1KB SRAM, 1.8V~5.5V working voltage (internal reference voltage 1.4V), 6-channel PWM, 4 timers, 1 serial port (UART), Direct Memory Access (DMA), Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) transfer speed doubled, and 8 input interrupt.

The Megawin MG82F6D17 MCU is equipped with up to 96Mhz PWM, which reduces inductor size, reduces the charge and discharge ripple (Ripple), and enables higher resolution for frequency adjustment. In addition, the ADC is boosted to 12bit with a maximum speed up to 800K.

Megawin’s MG82F6D17AE20  MCU is especially suitable for industrial control applications such as mobile phone screens, electric tools, auto-reclosing, wireless charging, stage lighting, and household appliances applications (atomizers, range hoods, water heaters, electric rice cookers, beauty apparatus, etc.).

In particular, the built-in CRC (Cyclic Redundancy Check) ensures that equipment failures do not bring risks to users and allows home appliance customers to successfully sell their products to the European market under the IEC 60730 standard. What’s even better is that with the PWM source 96Mhz, customers can then realize both high-speed PWM and Automatic Resonant Frequency Drift Tracking functions.


  1. Dual data pointer
  2. Provide one channel DMA engine
  3. 16 sources Interrupt with four-level priority interrupt capability
  4. 9/10 timers in all including RTC
  5. Low power consumptions
  6. Compact design

Note: For more technical details, go through the datasheet in the attachments

Package Includes:

1 x Megawin MG82F6D16AE28 PDIP 28 Microcontroller

SKU: 1372421 Category:

MG82F6D16AE28 PDIP 28

Operating voltage


IC Type


Flash ROM

16K Bytes

Data RAM

1K Bytes

Two Master/Slave two-wire serial interfaces

TWI0/I2C0 and STWI (SI2C)


8 channel 12-Bit Single-ended ADC


Four 16-bit timer/counters, Timer 0, Timer 1, Timer 2 and Timer 3

Operating frequency


Operating Temperature

-40°C to +105°C

Shipment Weight

0.01 kg

Shipment Dimensions

6 × 4 × 3 cm

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  1. sureshgm

    The title has part number MG82F6D16AE28 , whereas the description is for MG82F6D17…. can you please correct this information?



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