Robocon India 2013 Award List

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Respected Sir/Madam,
The list of prizes which were declared to be given were not announced. The Robocon 2013 team in its brochure had declared that they will be giving The Best Economical Robot prize. It is actually unfair on your part to not give the prize. I will request you that atleast from next time please dont declare the prizes if you dont want to give them. It is a part of your prestige.
I am extremely sorry if I have hurt your Sentiments.
Thanking You.


    Vikash, We are one of the team like you, MIT, Pune…
    Sorry to say but you are barking at wrong tree, organizers are from different college. MAE alandi ( 🙂
    Anyways as one of the old teams, we are sorry if you were disappointed at this year event. We will definitely raise this point to organizers for you. You may contact us any time if you need any kind of assistance. 🙂

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