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Robu Community

The Robu community is a huge amalgamation of students, educators, and professionals spanning throughout the country.

Robu has been actively working with individuals, firms, and organizations to create an inductive environment for everyone.

Robu nurtures talent by creating an environment where everyone can discuss and inspire others to build innovative stuff.



Custom Li-Ion Batteries

We are proud to announce to you that EyeROV’s underwater

drones will use Orange Li-Ion Batteries

from now on.

3D Printing


Lead Time: 1 business day

Rapid Prototyping

Dedicated Customer Support Team

Orange Servo Landing Page

Orange Servos

RC Servo Motors

Robu. in assures that we provide you with the best

quality servo motors in

the market.

Custom PCB Design

Where to order good quality custom-designed PCB?

Robu.in offers

an innovative solution for this by allowing you to adapt existing products

or by creating your Custom Printed Circuit Boards from scratch

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About ROBU

Today, India is taking giant strides forward. Innovation is at the forefront & the people

who are making this revolution happen are makers and innovators. ROBU exists to

support and accelerate this Maker’s Revolution and play a part in taking India ahead.