Robu Creato 1.0 is an online project-building competition started
by The idea behind initiating such a competition was to give
everyone a chance to have fun building projects and to learn
and grow together.

We have received 150+ entries for Robu Creato 1.0. Thank you
for the support and love.

We are examining the entries.

Winners will be announced on 30th September, 2021.

The Task For The Competition: Building the Most Precise Turret system.

Summary: A turret is a device that throws objects at a specific trajectory. The main task of this competition is
to make a turret that is precise enough to shoot an object into the container/s. The more the number of precise
shots i.e shots where the turret throws the objects into the container perfectly and shots that seem to be very
difficult, the more are your chances of winning. The object thrown can be anything: A nerf, ball or any other object
as per your comfort.

How the winners will be selected?

First Prize: Most precise shots. (at least 2 metres)

The First prize will go to the turret that will be able to throw the most number of precise and/or difficult turret shots into the container/s.

Second Prize: Most Innovative Build.

Third Prize: Simplest build.

The second prize is for that
turret of which the mechanism
will be the most innovative
and newest. Something which
has never been made before.

The third prize is reserved for that
turret which will be the easiest to
build and will be made using
the simplest of components.

Who can Enter?

Any  hobbyist, enthusiast, student, or engineer literally anyone from any
stream can enter in this competition.

How to Enter?

Go to the entry form below.

  1. Fill in your personal and project info (name, email, project summary etc.)
  2. While making the project video,please ensure that you keep the newspaper of the current date in front of camera for atleast 5 seconds.
  3. Explain your project’s mechanism and/or its code and convert it in .pdf format.
  4. Upload project files (pdf, images and videos) and links to Google Drive if any.
  5. Submit your entry by 20th of September,2021.

The terms and conditions for the Creato 1.0 Project competition by are:

  1. By entering this competition, the entrant will be deemed to have read and understood these rules and instructions and to be bound by them.
  2. To enter the competition, you must fill out the entry form, and submit it.
  3. The documents provided in the .pdf file should be in English.
  4. The turret can be automated or manually controlled-the manual control signifies use of a switch to run a motor or any similar system.
    i.e the project should strictly use any electronic,electrical or mechanical system to throw the object.
  5. Participation can be done in teams but each team should have only one email ID.
  6. You can submit multiple projects with same account just fill the entry form again.
  7. All valid entries(those who have built a working Turret) will get a participation certificate from robu Creato 1.0.
  8. All entries must be received by by Monday, 20th of September 2021.
  9. The winning entry and runners-up will be announced by Thursday,30th of September 2021.

Watch our youtube video for full info.

Thank you for participating

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