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Hello people, this blog is based on controlling your farm appliances with the help of the GSM module. As it is a GSM-based system so our farmer can operate their water pump from their home or any location. So as you are a technically sounded person
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Earlier today, the Raspberry Pi Foundation launched a new Single Board Computer (SBC) “PICO”. As the name suggests PICO, it is the smallest Raspberry Pi Board till date. This board has the form factor of a Raspberry Pi Zero, but the functionalit
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Nowadays, all electronic devices have higher portability and are greener than ever before. From portable power tools to plug-in hybrid electric vehicles to wireless speakers, the battery has been used in a wide range.In recent years, battery efficie
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ESC works like the gearbox of the vehicle. In the vehicle, the gearbox suggests the wheel to rotate on its decided speed. Similarly,  in the drone system, ESC determines the speed of the brushless motor. In this article, we will cover the basic con
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Generally, the Basic requirement of security can be done by using mechanical electric door locks. Now, in this digital world, we are using various digital technology. For example, identification of digital device using cards or token, door lock syst
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In this fully automated world, we want to operate the things through the sound for our easyness.  To make this automation, we need Sound sensor. In this article, we are going to learn about the basics of sound sensor. Also, here we will learn about
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Hello Guys, today we are going to talk about the interfacing of OLED (organic LED) with NodeMCU. The very first sentence we print our Display window/ Serial monitor or any other LCD is "Hello World". So in this tutorial, we will gonna print "Hello w
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Nowadays, making a drone is a very interesting topic and more and more peoples are spending their time to learn about its parts and love to make it. In this blog, we are going to learn about the selection of quadcopter motors for the drone. Here, we
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Hello everyone, today we will be trying a new interesting IOT based project. It's a good project for a tech learner like you.  The Smart Irrigation System has a wide scope to automate the complete irrigation system. Here we are building an IoT-b
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The quadcopter is an interesting thing of technology. Most of the peoples use it for the purpose of hobby, surveillance, photography etc. The quadcopters are available in various sizes and mostly used for outdoor application. The brushed quadcopter
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Introduction to Parts There are many and various types of Components to be used to make a Quadcopter. The least and most basic components required to make a Quadcopter are - Quadcopter Frame - It includes arms to hold motors and a chassis to hold t
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Hello Raspberry Fans….There is one more news from Raspberry Pi Foundation! Today on 2nd November 2020, The Raspberry Pi Foundation has released a new product with a built-in Raspberry Pi Official Keyboard named Raspberry Pi 400. So Gear
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After huge success of RASPBERRY PI 4 MODEL B, we are delighted to share that Raspberry Pi Foundation released the latest board in their line-up, surprises to all people with the Raspberry Pi 400. Today on 2nd November 2020, Raspberry pi foundation a
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If you are looking to replace the FFC/FPC cable or finding one to which will perfectly fit your desired connector, the Pitch requirement is very important. So first of all, you will need to find out the pitch of the cable from your old cable or conn
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After spending money on the raspberry pi are you wondering if you could connect it to your laptop display instead of connecting it to your TV or Monitor. Yeah ! it is possible to do so. In this article you will learn how you can connect your Raspber
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Being one of the most popular board in the world of electronics, Arduino has been developed in many different variants according to the needs and demands. Here, I said demand in the context of size and reliability. With the day by day evolution of c
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Hello geeks, Detecting and measuring vibration is importent for several applications like Decision making circuits or alarm circuits. The best method to detect vibration is Piezoelectric method. The Piezoelectric sensor is affordable sensing device f
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PIR sensors allow you to sense motion. They are small, inexpensive, low-power, easy to use and don't wear out. For that reason they are commonly found in appliances and gadgets used in homes or businesses. Now, the big question is that how it will d
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In industrial applications, an ultrasonic detection used to detect hidden tracks, discontinuities in metals, composites, plastics, ceramics, and for water level detection. For this purpose, the laws of physics which are indicating the propagation of
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In the lockdown and this pandemic situation, we are all stuck in our homes. But don't worry we are writing articles/tutorials for the people to keep them informed with the latest technology. Are you one of the Raspberry Pi fans? Using the lates
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Hey Makers...There is news from Raspberry PI...! Now RPI 4 board is more powerful than before with the Upgrade of 8GB RAM along with latest Broadcom 2711; Quad-Core Cortex A72 (ARM V8-A)  64-bit SoC Clocked at  1.5GHz  process
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In case of Infrared communication, there is a line of sight connection between the transmitter and receiver but Communication over Radio Frequency does not have line of sight connection. The range of RF communication is very high when compared to IR
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What is Electromagnet? Electromagnet is a piece of metal that becomes magnetic when an electric current passed through or near it. These magnets are formed by the wire when it rapped like a loop and current passes through this loop. When current pas
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The motor that converts the alternating current into mechanical power by using an electromagnetic induction phenomenon is called an AC Motor. Mainly an AC motor classified into two types. They are the synchronous AC motor and induction AC motor.
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Now a days, an Infrared technology has a wide variety of wireless applications mostly in object sensing and remote controls. In the electromagnetic spectrum, the infrared portion divided into three regions: near infrared region, mid infrared region
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One of the most important parts of 3D printing is to use the right kind of material for the job in hand. In this guide, we look at the 3D printer filament types. We will also cover their uses along with pros and cons for each type. This will help y
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AC motors are different from DC or direct current motors in their use of alternating current, which changes direction. These motors still heavily use in modern life, and you may find them in appliances and gadgets in your own home.In this blog, we a
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Hello, friends, I know you are landed here to know the difference between L239D and L298N Drivers, but before diving into the topic let's start with little basic about the motor drivers as this blog is more intended for beginners. So, first
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Do you know how Lithium-ion battery packs form? The Lithium-ion battery pack is the combination of series and parallel connections of the cell. In this blog batteries in series vs parallel we are talking about Series and Parallel Configuration of Li
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The Raspberry Pi Foundation has announced a new camera board that would dramatically improve the photographic capabilities available to the popular DIY computer’s enthusiasts and hobbyists. It’s called the High Quality Camera, and it’s bu
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Hello, in this tutorial we will learn about Brushless Motors also known as Brushless DC Motors or BLDC Motors. We will see Brushless dc motor working and applications. What is Brushless DC motor? Brushless DC electric motors also known as electronic
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The brushed motor is one of the earliest and simplest motors as it implements the laws described above in the simplest manner. In this blog we'll learn about the Brushed DC motor working principle and applications. What is Brushed DC motor? Brushed
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You have many choices available when it comes to picking the right DC motor technology depending on your application. Most of the time, we never understand that which motor is suitable for the application acoording with Speed, torque, cost and man
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Proximity sensing is the technique of detecting the presence or absence of an object using a critical distance. In this blog, we are talking about the working princple of Magnetic Proximity Sensor. Also,Features and Applications. Magnetic proximity
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Photoelectric proximity sensor is so versatile that it solves the bulk of problems put to industrial sensing. As photoelectric technology is so rapidly advanced, they now commonly detect targets less than 1 mm in diameter, or from 60 m away. They u
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Now a day, Lithium-ion batteries are incredibly popular. You can find them in laptops, PDAs, cell phones and i Pods. They are so popular because, they are the most energetic rechargeable batteries. Lithium-ion batteries power the lives of millions
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Before knowing the difference between AC motor and DC motor. It is important to know the in-depth details about motor. By knowing the details of the Motor, one can easily understand the differences and relate the points comfortably.  What is Motor?
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Hello friends, we are making the blog series on DC motors. In this first blog, we are talking about the working principle of DC motor, how they work? Also, we will talk about the construction of DC motor. What is DC Motor?   The DC motor is the mo
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What is Lithium Iron Phosphate battery?   Lithium Iron Phosphate battery is new generation Lithium-ion rechargeable battery. The abbreviations of this batteries are Li-Fe/ LiFePO4 battery. The LiFePO4 battery uses a lithium-ion-derived chemist
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Lithium-ion or Lithium-polymer Do you know what are the difference between Li-ion and Li-polymer battery? [caption id="attachment_743925" align="aligncenter" width="600"]                             [/caption] According to the electro
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Hello geeks, in this blog, we will se, How to setup Naze 32 flight controller. Also, we will learn about the comparision of different versions of Naze 32 flight controller. What is Naze 32 Flight controller? The Naze 32 is a small (36x36mm) flight c
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As we all know that dc motor is the motor which converts the electrical energy into mechanical energy. Because of this energy, we can use this motor in number of applications. In this blog we have discussed the application of different types of DC m
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The speed control mechanism is applicable in many cases like controlling the movement of robotic vehicles, movement of motors in paper mills and the movement of motors in elevators where different types of DC motors are used. Speed control of  DC
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In the last blog, we learnt about the working principle of DC motor. Now, in this blog we are talking about the types of DC motor. What is DC Motor?   The DC motor is the motor which converts the direct current into the mechanical work. It works
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A servo motor is one of the widely used variable speed drives in industrial production, process automation and building technology worldwide. They intend and design to use in motion control applications which require high accuracy positioning, quick
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One of the significant difference between the sensor and the transducer is that the sensor senses the physical changes occur in the surrounding whereas the transducer converts the physical quantity or nonelectrical into another signal or electrical
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Selection of an electric motor is fundamental for any electro-mechanical project. When the project requires maximum precision, then commonly we think about the servo motor.  In this article, we are going to discuss about what is servo motor, basic
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Have you ever thought about how a robotic vehicle commonly uses in military application to control bomb detention. Also, how metal cutting and forming machines provide precise motion for milling, lathes and bending for metal fabrication. And how an
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ITEAD specializes in developing and manufacturing hardware and smart home products. Recently ITEAD launched its new USB Dongle CC2531 Compatible with Zigbee. Wait, it’s not only that. The new USB Dongle offers a complete IEEE802.15.4 integration,
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This guide takes you through the SP racing F3 flight controller setup in the cleanflight, step-by-step. We will cover everything from installing the cleanflight GUI software to setting up flight modes for your quadcopter. Don’t worry, the configur
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  The initial hype around the 3D printing industry had everybody accepting that they would have the option to print anything they desire in their own home. While this is valid, it isn't the place 3D printing sparkles. Try not to misunderstand me,
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In this blog, we will discuss about the capacitive proximity sensor working principle, their wide spread applications in industries and their use for commercial purposes.  What is Capacitive Proximity sensor? Capacitive Proximity Sensors detect cha
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  Cypress semiconductors announced their new range of USB – C – The series of dual and single-port USB-C controllers—the EZ-PD, CCG6DF, and CCG6SF.  The new series of USB – C are tailored to increase the efficiency of laptops and PC’s.
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Crowd Supply has officially launched the Programmable USB Hub on their website. Programmable USB Hub A USB hub with per-port power and data disconnects + dev board + I2C, GPIO, and SPI bridges. The development group has reported that production is c
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The Qwiic Connect System is an ecosystem of I2C sensors, actuators, shields, and cables that make prototyping faster and less prone to error. Announcing the new Qwiic Iridium 9603by sparkfun which allows you to send and get short messages. It work
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As of late, German innovation organization congatec declared the development of their commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) technology. Congatec now offers an institutionalized carrier board that can be adjusted without extra hardware improvement. The gl
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Maxim Integrated Products, Inc. have announced its new MAX32520 ChipDNA secure Arm® Cortex®-M4 microcontroller, the one of its kind secure microcontroller with worked in truly unclonable capacity (PUF) technology for financial and government-grade
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Arduino does not wants its community to stop innovating while being lockdown in their homes amidst COVID-19 spread. Arduino took a big step for its community (which being one of the biggest electronics community in the world). To assist people with
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The Open source hardware giant Adafruit released a new Precision 9 Degree of Freedom (9-DoF) sensor for a price tag of $14.95. The little sensor has been intended to give top notch motion direction and orientation sensing and is the ideal expansion
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Nordic Semi has released the 6th multi-protocol SoC part of their nRF52 series with nRF52820 Bluetooth 5.2 ultra low force System-on-Chip (SoC) supporting Bluetooth Low Energy (Bluetooth LE), Bluetooth work, just as Thread, Zigbee, and 2.4-GHz exclu
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The Foundation has declared another thrice-yearly discharge cycle for Debian Linux OS images, perfect with its open-hardware single-board PC family — intended to invigorate the software before the Google Summer of Code and universi
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The tool we have been waiting for. Everyone's been using Win32Disk Imager and Balena etcher. I prefer Win32Disk Imager, but now I might have to reconsider. They’ve made a simpler way to write Image to your microSD card with Raspbian and other oper
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You might be knowing about the raspberry pi as you're here or you might be having one. Well, its a really awesome device, I personally use a 3B+ and it can do pretty much everything. Linux kernel is comparatively better to Windows kernel. (change my
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Hello Geeks,  here we will discuss about the inductive proximity sensor working principle, their wide spread applications in industries and their use for commercial purposes. This blog focuses on the technology behind the inductive proximity sensor
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In the last blog post, we have learned about the basics of proximity sensor and it's working. Now in this blog we are going to learn about the different types of the proximity sensor, their specifications and working. The proximity sensors are avail
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Here, in this article, we discuss about the proximity sensor in details such as what is proximity sensor, features, and how proximity sensor works. Before discussing in detail about the proximity sensors working, primarily, we will learn the feature
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Nowadays, making RC drone & flying them is a very interesting thing. Many people of different ages are involved in the making of drones. The important thing of any drone is its flight time in Air, which is totally governed by the battery we are
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This article demonstrates the interfacing of the UBlox NEO-M8N global positioning system (GPS) module with Arduino Uno and Raspberry pi. It is a very popular, cost-effective, high-performance GPS module. This GPS module comes with a ceramic patch
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ZigBee/XBee PRO S2C 802.15.4 RF Modules are an embedded solutions providing wireless end-point connectivity to devices. These devices use the IEEE 802.15.4 networking protocol for fast point-to-multi point or peer-to-peer networking. They designed fo
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In 2020, I assume many of the people in electronics and computer science know about Raspberry Pi and even have it, did you ever wonder if you could use your phone/laptop display as a raspberry pi display. Main Pro you will get is that it will become
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With today's 3D printer market being very competitive and most of them following the traditional Prusa i3 designs, the Plybot 3D printer is a breath of fresh air. The Plybot 3D printer is designed with just one Z-axis, and two robotic arms for the X
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Hello readers, today we will be discussing the temperature sensors. What actually temperature sensors are and what are their types. We will be going into detail in some more things like interfacing, code, etc. In short, you'll get to know i
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When Raspberry Pi launched their first ever microcontroller in the form of Raspberry Pi PICO with a RP2040 core, they ushered in a new era of microcontrollers. The RP2040 core is now becoming the first choice for other microcontroller board develope
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The Raspberry Pi Model B and its successors put a programmable computer within reach of anyone with $20-35 to spend. Since 2012, millions of people have used a Raspberry Pi to get their first experience of programming, but we still meet people for
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Espressif Systems, in September 2020, announced that they were planning to release a new ESP-32 chip for AI instructions and multiple CPU cores, along with some more features. On the last day of the same year, the chip was finally launched and all o
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Running Linux on RISC-V hardware is already possible, but you’d have a choice of low-end platforms like Kendryte K210 that’s not really practical for anything, or higher-end board like SiFive HiFive Unmatched or PolarBerry for which you’
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Just a few days ago, we mentioned in this section that STMicro launched STM32WB5MMG wireless module to simplify Bluetooth LE, Zigbee, OpenThread connectivity by allowing 2-layer baseboards for the module. It turns out there’s also such a module f
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When Sony teased the AirPeak late last year, it didn’t give us much to go on. We knew the consumer electronics giant was finally getting in the drone business - but beyond that, not much else. Just a dark image or two from some piece of the UAV.
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Renesas Electronics Corporation, a supplier of advanced semiconductor solutions, has introduced the world’s first 60W wireless power receiver. The new P9418 delivers faster wireless charging experiences for smartphones, laptops, and notebook devic