seeed Grove doppler radar
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Recently Seeed Studio has hinted a Grove-supported millimeter-wave (mmWave) radar module, the Grove Doppler Radar, intended for cutting edge driver assistance system (ADAS) projects. "ADAS is an on-car system to assist drivers which provides functio
Seeed IoT button for AWS
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  Seeed Studio the giant of IoT solutions announces its all new Seeed IoT button for AWS – A cloud programmable dash button. The Seeed IoT Button For AWS is a Wi-Fi-based, programmable button that is effortless to configure and easy to use. You
Seeeduino XAIO
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Engineers, creators and electronic devotees might be intrigued to realize that extension boards for the Seeeduino XIAO platform have been announced this month. Offering three adaptations of extension boards, despite the fact that the design isn’t