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After Huge Success of Raspberry Pi 3 Model B and B+, Raspberry Pi Foundation unveiled the latest board in their lineup, RASPBERRY PI 4 MODEL B. Taking many fans and community members by surprise, the Raspberry Pi foundation has announced the brand new Raspberry Pi 4 Model B, a significant upgrade to the Raspberry Pi 3 generation.

The Raspberry Pi 4 series was not expected until 2020, but according to the launch announcement, the second of four planned silicon revisions for the new device’s processor turned out to be production-ready, saving up to a year of development time. In a blog post announcing the release, Raspberry Pi Ltd founder and CEO, Eben Upton, describes this new model as able to provide a “PC-like level of performance for most users” for the first time, without sacrificing any of the Rasberry Pi’s standard capabilities as a development and hobbyist device. As an official reseller of Raspberry Pi in India, We made it available on launch date without any waiting time.

A new Pi 4 is upgraded, more powerful next generation of Pi computer than before, that is Raspberry Pi 4 Model B and B+As can be seen in the photo at the top, the model 4 B is yet another evolution in the Pi model B family. On this board, Raspberry Pi Foundation has made great significant hardware upgrade which can be seen just by comparing the Top view images of Pi3 and Pi4. This time they have upgraded the Pi in all the ways all Pi lovers were expecting from a long time indeed. However, while the footprint of the board remains pretty much the same as the Raspberry Pi 3, the board itself looks somewhat different.

( Pi 3 Model B+ Vs Model 4B TOPVIEW


Raspberry Pi 4 Model B is the latest product in the popular Raspberry Pi range of computers. It offers ground-breaking increases in processor speed, multimedia performance, memory, and connectivity compared to the prior-generation Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ while retaining backward compatibility and similar power consumption. For the end-user, Raspberry Pi 4 Model B provides desktop performance comparable to entry-level x86 PC systems.

Pi 4 B is upgraded with Latest High-Performance Quad-Core 64-bit Broadcom 2711, Cortex A72  processor clocked at 1.5GHz speed. Which is designed to use 20% less power or offer 90% greater performance than its old version.


Raspberry Pi 4 Model-B with 2 GB RAM--BC_CHIP


Hardware upgrade on Pi4 developed for more faster performance not only the loading time with all-new 1GB/2GB and 4GB LPDDR4 SDRAM variants but also in connectivity with Dual-band 2.4GHz and 5GHz, 802.11 b/g/n/ac wireless LAN and PoE capability via a separate PoE HAT. Addition to its USB 3.0, improve the transfer speed by 10x than USB 2.0 to provide you significantly faster true Gigabit internet experience.


)Raspberry Pi 4 Model-B with 2 GB RAM--ETHERNET


The other big change is visible to the right of the board are Video output, now you can enjoy 4K video using Pi 4 as video performance on Pi 4 B is also upgraded with on Board Dual-display support at resolutions up to 4K via a pair of micro-HDMI ports,  which supports H 265 Decode (4Kp60), H.264, and MPEG-4 decode (1080p60). Now you can connect Two Display at the same time with a 4K resolution with the help of  Micro HDMI Male to Standard HDMI Male Cable


Raspberry Pi 4 Model-B with 4 GB RAM--HDMI

With the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology make IoT solution better with 2 x Speed, 4 x Range and 8 x Data transfer speed, having such a faster and long-distance connectivity, you will experience peripheral’s Bluetooth connectivity on the next level than before. Furthermore, One big needful upgrade that Pi foundation has made in Raspberry Pi 4 B is Type-C USB Port from which Pi can take up to 3A current to operate, and hence now Pi 4 can provide more power to onboard chips and peripherals interfaced as well.


Raspberry Pi 4 Model-B with 2 GB RAM--POWER_PORT

Though the Pi 4 has type C USB port for 5V 3A input power capacity, new Hardware on Pi 4 even required less power than the previous versions therefore old power adapter can provide plenty of power to the chip, Ethernet, and any USB add-ons you plug in onboard. You need not to worry about power adapter as it will also work great with your old 5V 2.4A power supply Adapter,  All you need is micro-USB B (F) to Type C (M) Adapter which we made available for you at

Another extremely distinguishing legacy feature from Pi3 Model B+ of the Pi 4B is the Improved PoE compatibility. The Pi’s PoE Switch HAT is a power over Ethernet add-on board for the Raspberry Pi. One can now power the Raspberry Pi and provide an Ethernet connection in any location with just a single cable. Raspberry Pi Foundation requires the use of the new PoE HAT which converts the 48V PoE supply to a Pi friendly 5V.  On the note of power, Raspberry Pi did some really awesome planning which has allowed for higher performance than the Pi 3B.

With upgraded hardware of Pi 4, you can still use all your favourite Raspbian or PIXEL software with this update. You must make sure to upgrade your Raspbian operating system install to the latest version so that the firmware can support the new chips! Old SD cards from previous releases will not work without an upgrade!

Software & OS
  1. Download NOOBS.  here.  Beginners should start with the NOOBS (New Out Of Box Software) operating system installation manager, which gives the user a choice of an operating system from the standard distributions.
  2. Raspbian is the recommended operating system for normal use on a Raspberry Pi. Find help with installing Raspbian on your Pi in our online Getting started guide.
  3. You can browse basic examples to help you get started with some of the software available in Raspbian, find more detail about the Raspbian operating system, or read the information on fundamental Linux usage and commands for navigating the Raspberry Pi and managing its file system and users.
  4. To explore all other  Operating System supported by Raspberry Pi 4  click here.

Technical Specifications:

  1. Processor: Broadcom 2711, Quad-Core Cortex A72 (ARM V8-A) 64-bit SoC Clocked at  5GHz
  2. Memory: 1GB~4GB LPDDR4 SDRAM
  3. Bluetooth: Cypress BLE chip for Bluetooth 5.0
  4. Ethernet: High-Speed Gigabit Ethernet over USB 3.0
  5. USB: 2 x USB 2.0 ports and 2 x USB 3.0 Ports
  6. Connection: GPIO Header 40-pin
  7. HDMI: 2 x Micro HDMI
  8. Storage: micro SD card slot for loading operating system and data storage
  9. Power: 5V / 3A dc via USB Type C, 5V DC via GPIO,  POE enabled
  10. Video: 2 x Micro HDMI for 4K video Output, MIPI DSI display port, MIPI CSI camera port & 4 Pole stereo output and composite video port
  11. Multimedia: H 265 Decode (4Kp60), H.264, MPEG-4 decode (1080p60). H.264 encode (1080p30). OpenGL ES 1.1, 2.0, and 3.0 graphics.

Compatibility of Pi 3 Model B+ vs. Pi 4 Model B

The new Pi4 B board is actually using the same footprint as the previous 3 B, B+ model and the Raspberry Pi 2. Therefore you can use it as an upgrade to existing projects.

The new Pi4 B model features upgraded board components and Hardware to help your applications and calculations run faster and smoother.

The Pi 4 B also featured with Cortex A72  processor an exciting 64-bit quad-core processor running at 10x faster than the previous model. with less power requirement and improved thermal management.

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Still, you might curious about comparatively what’s new and what’s the same with the Raspberry Pi 4 Model B? So here’s the comparison chart with highlighted points where you will get everything you need to know at a glance!

Comparison Raspberry Pi 4 Model-B

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