ESPresso Lite V2.0 ESP8266, Espert, IoT, WiFi

ESPresso Lite V2.0 ESP8266, Espressif, IoT, wifi

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  1. Features Espressif System’s ESP8266 WROOM-02 Wi-Fi module (with 4Mb flash)
  2. Design for IoT with free cloud and app service
  3. Support the Arduino IDE (boards manager) and libraries
  4. Auto program loading from Arduino IDE, using UC00A (or other compatible USB to Serial)
  5. Onboard 3.3V Voltage Regulator with the maximum current of 800mA continuous, 1A peak
  6. One Reset button, two User Programmable buttons
  7. The WROOM-02 module is FCC, CE & TELEC certified


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