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Hello friends, today we are going to learn how to make home automation system, in which your home appliances are get controlled by your voice command. Isn't it cool when you say turn on the light and light will turn and the light will turn on with y
Top 5 IDE RPI Thumb
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Lets get started to this blog real quick.There are many IDE available, some come with the recommended software bundle. I will be showing the best IDE for coding on any language you prefer. These are handpicked by me and are my opinion. It can vary f
5 Pros and 5 cons of Raspberry Pi
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All the Raspberry Pi fans(including me). I like making articles and blogs about Raspberry Pi a lot. So If you are planning to buy a raspberry Pi and you are a bit confused or if you just wanna know a honest opinion. I will be listing 5 pros and 5 co
Top 5 development boards
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Wondering what development board to choose? So here I am going to show you the best development boards you can get this year(2020) for you college projects/ industrial projects/ DIY projects at your home. There have been pretty amazing boards since
development boards
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Here we are back again with a striking article on development boards. You must be familiar with microcontrollers and micro processors? Are you not ? We will cover that in some other article one day. In short they are black box that do all the main p