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How You Can Control Devices Remotely with Arduino MKR WiFi 1010 Web Server?
By: Prachet Hire 464 Views

In home, industry or office wherever there are many electrical devices there is need for central control system from where the devices can be turned on or off. A central... Read More

Arduino Portenta H7 Development Board: Next-Generation IoT Board
By: Anubhav Sharma 275 Views

The world of IoT prototyping has been revolutionized by the introduction of the Arduino Portenta H7 development board. This remarkable device is packed with advanced features and offers unrivaled proc... Read More

CUAV V5 PX4 APM Flight Controller – Now Fly Above the Sky
By: Anubhav Sharma 285 Views

CUAV V5+ flight controller, a powerful and versatile autopilot system that seamlessly integrates with the PX4 and APM (ArduPilot) software platforms. In This Blog Post We Cover a Premium Drone... Read More

How to control robot with your phone using BLE?
By: Prachet Hire 260 Views

A robot is a machine which responds to commands. These commands are programmed by the user to achieve a specific task. Robots are made by actuators, motors and sensors and... Read More

Step-By-Step Guide: How To Build Your Own IoT Water Level Indicator with Nodemcu ?
By: Prachet Hire 600 Views

At places where water tanks are installed there is a need for making the tank filling process automatic as there will be no wastage of water. At some places there... Read More

Secure Your Home with an RFID based door lock Security System Lock With Arduino - Easy DIY Tutorial!
By: Prachet Hire 816 Views

In This Blog We Cover Project On RFID based door lock security system with Arduino and Each Details Which is Necessary for This Project.  When it comes to adding extra... Read More

A Complete Guide Of Drone Propellers and Its Type
By: Anubhav Sharma 823 Views

Drone technology has advanced rapidly over the past decade and one of the key components in a drone is the propeller. Propellers are responsible for lifting the drone off the... Read More

ESP32 temperature sensor tutorial: How to Stream real-time data to ThingSpeak
By: Prachet Hire 1185 Views

This is a simple IoT project that will send the temperature data from ESP-32 to thingspeak server. This will enable us to view the room temperature data from anywhere in... Read More

Programming ESP boards with Arduino IDE made easy - beginner's guide
By: Prachet Hire 659 Views

ESP modules are very popular among IoT project developers. There are different types of esp modules available in the market depending on the features. They are ESP-01, ESP-12E, ESP-12F, NodeMCU... Read More