Raspberry Pi Pico vs Arduino
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Are you a Techno geek and stuck with the question in your mind which to choose Raspberry Pi’s latest microcontroller, “Raspberry Pi Pico” or Arduino? Then go through these posts. I hope that you will get a clear solution on your next microc
Automatic battery charging circuit- complete guide
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Do you believe that battery chargers became an important part of our everyday lives, in both private and professional manner? The fact that we want to use portable electronic equipment which needs a battery to operate. Similarly, in the market, t
Open CV Using C Make Thumbnail
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You might be here as other tutorials might not have worked for you. This tutorial will definitely help you to install OpenCV on your raspberry pi.  I assure you that this tutorial works and is personally tested by me. This installation is n
Interfacing of MQ2 Smoke sensor with Arduino
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Nowadays, sensors play a major role in safety systems. In order to detect smoke and fire, smoke sensors are used. They provide appropriate action on time for safety purposes. There are numerous types of sensors available to measure environmenta
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If you want to build an IoT project as a beginner, then ESP8266 is a fresh start to enter the IoT field. ESP8266 module can be programmed in two ways: By LUA scripting and the second is by Arduino programming. As Arduino is gaining much populari
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In this 21st century without electricity, we can't imagine doing any of our jobs. There is a major development that happened in technology and civilization only after the introduction of electricity and electrical devices. We can’t imagin
Water level indicator interfacing with Arduino
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Nowadays, all over India, there is a water crisis. To solve this crisis, we need proper water management on the individual level and we need a water level indicator. By doing water management at the individual level we can save plenty of water a
face detectionb raspberry pi thumbnail
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A face detection system has become very popular these days, as it can be very secure compared to fingerprint and typed passwords. You may have seen the face unlock feature in your smartphone which makes things very easy. Face detection is also used
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IoT( Internet of Things) has become very popular in the pandemic, as it reduces interaction between people. It helps connect things without the need for multiple people to work on the same thing. It also provides a feature to control things remotely