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What is BMS? - Battery Management System and It's Working
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Nowadays, all the electronic devices have higher portability and are greener than ever before. From portable power tools to plug-in hybrid electric vehicles to wireless speakers, the battery has been used in a wide range.In recent years, battery eff
How to choose ESC for your Quadcopter
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ESC works like the gearbox of the vehicle. In the vehicle, the gearbox suggests the wheel to rotate on its decided speed. Similarly,  in the drone system, ESC determines the speed of the brushless motor. In this article, we will cover the basic con
RFID and Passward based Door Lock System
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Generally, the Basic requirement of security can be done by using mechanical electric door locks. Now, in this digital world, we are using various digital technology. For example, identification of digital device using cards or token, door lock syst
pull up pull down resistors
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Hello again! and welcome back to another informative article on a concept which is used widely in connecting many sensors. If you check out any digital electronic circuit, you’ll find pull-up and pull-down resistors in them. They are used to corr
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Welcome back again to another article on Raspberry-pi. In this article, we will show you how to calibrate the touchscreen pointer for better touch precision.I have heard many of people having such issues that the touchscreen display is not accuratel
Tilt Sensor interfacing with raspberry pi
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Tilt sensors allow you to detect orientation or tilt. In this tutorial, you will learn about the tilt sensor and understand the interfacing of the tilt sensor with Raspberry Pi.Before proceeding to learn the tilt sensor
Sound Sensor Basics: Pin Configuration, Working, Applications and Interfacing
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In this fully automated world, we want to operate the things through the sound for our easyness.  To make this automation, we need Sound sensor. In this article, we are going to learn about the basics of sound sensor. Also, here we will learn about
Selecting Quadcopter Motor: A Detailed Guide 2021
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Nowadays, making a drone is a very interesting topic and more and more peoples are spending their time to learn about its parts and love to make it. In this blog, we are going to learn about the selection of quadcopter motors for the drone. Here, we
Geometery manager
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Hello and welcome to this tutorial, in this tutorial, you will learn the next part of our Tkinter blog series, i.e. how to use Grid Manager in Tkinter. In our previous blog, we have discussed what Geometry Manager is and how to use Pack Layout Mana