Difference between synchronous and Induction AC motor
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The motor that converts the alternating current into mechanical power by using an electromagnetic induction phenomenon is called an AC Motor. Mainly an AC motor classified into two types. They are the synchronous AC motor and induction AC motor.
What is Electromagnet
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What is Electromagnet? Electromagnet is a piece of metal that becomes magnetic when an electric current passed through or near it. These magnets are formed by the wire when it rapped like a loop and current passes through this loop. When current pas
Difference Between L293D and L298N Motor Driver
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Hello, friends, you are landed here to the difference between L239D and L298N, but let's start with little basis for the title as this blog is more for beginners.So, first of all, let’s see why we use Motor Driver Circuit?Normal DC mo
AC motor working principle
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AC motors are different from DC or direct current motors in their use of alternating current, which changes direction. These motors still heavily use in modern life, and you may find them in appliances and gadgets in your own home.In this blog, we a
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The world of automation is at its peak, things are changing rapidly in the electro-mechanical field and stepper motor and the servo motors are the base of all these changes. These motor rotates in steps in a controlled manner and most importantly,
Brushless DC Motor- Working Principle, Construction, Applications
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Hello, in this tutorial we will learn about Brushless Motors also known as Brushless DC Motors or BLDC Motors. We will see Brushless dc motor working and applications. What is Brushless DC motor? Brushless DC electric motors also known as electronic
Brushed DC Motor Working
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The brushed motor is one of the earliest and simplest motors as it implements the laws described above in the simplest manner. In this blog we'll learn about the Brushed DC motor working principle and applications. What is Brushed DC motor? Brushed
Servo Motor Vs Stepper Motor
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Choosing between a servo motor and a stepper motor can be quite challenging. The selection of a correct motor for the application involves several parameters. In this post, we are going to discuss what is the difference between servo motor and stepp
Difference between Brushed and Brushless DC motor
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You have many choices available when it comes to picking the right DC motor technology depending on your application. Most of the time, we never understand that which motor is suitable for the application acoording with Speed, torque, cost and man