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Most people say that they know about the term relay or have heard it. Some will say that it is a type of protection device, some say it is a transmission device and even some say it is a type of race (relay race). But what does is it really mean? In
hand sanitizer
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Today, we are going to know how to make automatic hand sanitizer dispenser using Arduino board. As we know that COVID-19 disease is spreading wildly and our government and doctors are telling us that we can avoid this disease by washing hands regu
What is Electromagnet
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What is Electromagnet? Electromagnet is a piece of metal that becomes magnetic when an electric current passed through or near it. These magnets are formed by the wire when it is wrapped like a loop and current passes through this loop. When current
The Basics of Optocoupler Relay
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We have all heard of the term relay in our life at one point or another. So, what is a relay? What is it used for? What are its types? In this article, we will get to know about all of the above questions. But, more specifically about the optocoupler