Interfacing RFID Sensor-Complete guide for User. 
By:     Yash Pawar    234 Views

We are in a world where access is seamless, payment is effortless, convenient stores are smart. This is all possible because of RFID, the technology that gives wireless reading.  ... Read More

Interfacing SmartElex Sensors  – A Complete Information and Guide For Users
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Hello everyone welcome to the blog in this blog you will get all the information about SmartElex sensors . That are capacitive sensor, an imaging sensor, an IR sensor, a distance... Read More

Easy SmartElex 5 Environmental Sensors and Modules interfacing 
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We are pleased to present the SmartElex temperature, humidity, pressure, weather, and magnetometer sensors. Welcome to the world of smart digital environmental sensors. Keep reading till the end as we... Read More

By:     Shubhojit Banerjee    335 Views

Today we’re going to build an RFID Door Lock based using Raspberry Pi Pico. Also we’ll be storing all the RFID Card’s code locally on a SD card for easy... Read More

Step-By-Step Guide: How To Build Your Own IoT Water Level Indicator with Nodemcu ?
By:     Prachet Hire    2090 Views

At places where water tanks are installed there is a need for making the tank filling process automatic as there will be no wastage of water. At some places there... Read More

Secure Your Home with an RFID based door lock Security System Lock With Arduino – Easy DIY Tutorial!
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In This Blog We Cover Project On RFID based door lock security system with Arduino and Each Details Which is Necessary for This Project.  When it comes to adding extra... Read More

Interfacing IR Sensor With STM32 Discovery Board
By:     Revati Kulkarni    3155 Views

STM32 Boards have 23 interrupt sources. In this article, we will see how STM32 handles interrupts at a primitive level.... Read More

AD8232 Heart Rate Monitor Detail Guide; Interfacing with Arduino
By:     Vaishnavee Upasani    3891 Views

The Heart Rate Monitor Kit with AD8232 ECG sensor module Kit For Arduino is a cost-effective board used to measure the heart's electrical activity. In this article, we will see its interfacing with Ar... Read More

Interfacing Gesture Sensor with Arduino.
By:     Vaishnavee Upasani    2589 Views

In this article, we will learn about APDS-9960 RGB and Gesture Sensor in detail. We will see its working, applications, and interfacing with Arduino with Code.... Read More