Interfacing of MQ2 Smoke sensor with Arduino
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Nowadays, sensors play a major role in safety systems. In order to detect smoke and fire, smoke sensors are used. They provide appropriate action on time for safety purposes. There are numerous types of sensors available to measure environmenta
Water level indicator interfacing with Arduino
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Nowadays, all over India, there is a water crisis. To solve this crisis, we need proper water management on the individual level and we need a water level indicator. By doing water management at the individual level we can save plenty of water a
Banner - Temperature Sensor Interfacing With Arduino
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Reading temperature using Arduino sounds like a very exciting project. Because, Temperature measurement is very common and useful in many applications. From small household to huge industrial devices everything needs to be operated within a pre-d
LDR interfacing with Arduino
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A light-dependent resister is also known as LDR SENSOR, which is used to detect the intensity of light. In this blog we will discuss what LDR SENSOR is and how it can be used with the Arduino Development Board.  Have you seen the stud lights? F
Pulse sensor with arduino
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Hello Again! Welcome to another blog on Robu. In this modern world, where everyone needs more features and specifications on their hands. This sensor just became popular recently, once companies started implementing this in consumer electronics.
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Hey guys! hope you are doing well? In this blog, we will be showing a step by step guide on how to make a temperature-controlled fan using Arduino. Which can be very useful in many places. Let's hop into it and see what this blog is about. Introd
Sun Tracking Solar Panel using Arduino Project - Step by Step Guide with Code
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Nowadays, we can see the use of a solar system is everywhere. The sunlight is a natural and free source of energy. The Sun emits solar radiations or electromagnetic radiations. In the solar energy system, these radiations are used to generate electr
Interfacing ACS712 Current Sensor with Arduino - Step by Step Guide to Measure Current
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Have you ever think how much current your electrical appliances required? If you wish to measure the current consumption of your electrical equipment, the current sensor comes to play. A Current Sensor is an important thing for power calculati
RFID and Passward based Door Lock System
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Generally, the Basic requirement of security can be done by using mechanical electric door locks. Now, in this digital world, we are using various digital technology. For example, identification of digital device using cards or token, door lock syst