Arduino Nano ESP32 and DFRobot Gravity I2C Non-contact IR Temperature Measuring Device
By: Shubhojit Banerjee 440 Views

Today we are going to build a temperature measuring device project using Arduino NANO ESP 32, DFRobot’s Gravity I2C Non-contact IR temperature Sensor. We’ll also use SSD 1306 OLED Display,... Read More

IOT based Soil Moisture Monitoring on Arduino Cloud using Arduino Nano ESP32
By: Yash Pawar 824 Views

Here we are going to build a smart Irrigation project using Arduino NANO ESP 32, DHT22 (temperature and humidity sensor), soil moisture sensor and Arduino cloud (cloud server and dashboard).... Read More

Real-Time YouTube Subscriber Display with Arduino Nano ESP32 and MAX7219 Display Module
By: Debashis Das 952 Views

  The Arduino Nano ESP32 is Arduino’s latest and greatest IoT development board. This small yet powerful board is built around the ESP32-S3 microcontroller and offers a wide range of... Read More

Announcing the Arduino Nano ESP32: Igniting Innovation for the Future!
By: Priyanka Dixit 996 Views

  Attention, Arduino enthusiasts and makers worldwide! Brace yourselves for an electrifying leap forward with a new member of an iconic family, the Arduino Nano ESP32.  This revolutionary addition t... Read More