Arduino Edge-The Most Expensive and Useful Arduino.
By: Prathamesh Barik 869 Views

The Arduino edge is a board that has become the next best addition to the Arduino pro series for IoT development. This board as the official Arduino site claims “Controls... Read More

Make your own Arduino Spy bug (Voice recorder)
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Orange Basic Kit For Arduino Beginners
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Traffic Light Controller Using Arduino
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This project is a simple three-way version of the traffic light controller using Arduino and very few components. It has a circuit diagram and the code for the traffic controller system. ... Read More

Raspberry Pi Pico vs Arduino which to choose?
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MQ2 Sensor Interfacing with Arduino - Gas and Smoke Detection
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Gas sensor is a device which detects the concentration level of the gases present in the atmosphere. This project contains interfacing of MQ2 sensor with Arduino and its code.... Read More

IR Thermometer Using Arduino
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The tutorial will teach you the working principle of IR thermometer, learn how to design thermometer using Arduino and MLX90614ESF IR temperature module.... Read More

Interfacing of GPS Module with Arduino and Raspberry Pi
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