Brushless DC Motor- Working Principle, Construction, Applications
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Hello, in this tutorial we will learn about Brushless Motors also known as Brushless DC Motors or BLDC Motors. We will see Brushless dc motor working and applications. What is Brushless DC motor? Brushless DC electric motors also known as electronic
Brushed DC Motor Working
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The brushed motor is one of the earliest and simplest motors as it implements the laws described above in the simplest manner. In this blog we'll learn about the Brushed DC motor working principle and applications. What is Brushed DC motor? Brushed
Difference between Brushed and Brushless DC motor
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You have many choices available when it comes to picking the right DC motor technology depending on your application. Most of the time, we never understand that which motor is suitable for the application acoording with Speed, torque, cost and man
How to control speed of Dc motor
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The speed control mechanism is applicable in many cases like controlling the movement of robotic vehicles, movement of motors in paper mills and the movement of motors in elevators where different types of DC motors are used. Speed control of  DC
DC Motor Application
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As we all know that dc motor is the motor which converts the electrical energy into mechanical energy. Because of this energy, we can use this motor in number of applications. In this blog we have discussed the application of different types of DC m
Types of DC Motor
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In the last blog, we learnt about the working principle of DC motor. Now, in this blog we are talking about the types of DC motor. What is DC Motor?   The DC motor is the motor which converts the direct current into the mechanical work. It works
Difference Between AC And DC Motor
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Before knowing the difference between AC motor and DC motor. It is important to know the in-depth details about motor. By knowing the details of the Motor, one can easily understand the differences and relate the points comfortably.  What is Motor?
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Hello friends, we are making the blog series on DC motors. In this first blog, we are talking about the working principle of DC motor, how they work? Also, we will talk about the construction of DC motor. What is DC Motor?   The DC motor is the mo