Understanding Various Components UsUnderstanding Various Components Used for Quadcopter
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Introduction to Parts There are many and various types of Components to be used to make a Quadcopter. The least and most basic components required to make a Quadcopter are - Quadcopter Frame - It includes arms to hold motors and a chassis to hold t
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Hello geeks, in this blog, we will see, How to setup Naze 32 flight controller. Also, we will learn about the comparision of different versions of Naze 32 flight controller. What is Naze 32 Flight Controller? The Naze 32 is a small (36x36mm) flight
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This guide takes you through the SP racing F3 flight controller setup in the cleanflight, step-by-step. We will cover everything from installing the cleanflight GUI software to setting up flight modes for your quadcopter. Don’t worry, the configur
Flight Controller
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     Multi-rotors today have found a great application in many fields like photography, surveillance, transport, remote sensing, rescue-and-relief and also in entertainment purposes like racing. All Multi-rotors have four segments, the airframe (m