Your tiny Pico is now Wireless | Launching all new Raspberry Pi Pico
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You old pal raspberry pi pico is now wireless. After increasing demand for a wireless embedded pico, raspberry pi has now brought the pico w model just for you. ... Read More

Orange Raspberry Pi Pico Advanced Kit
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Orange Raspberry Pi Pico Intermediate Kit
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DIY Raspberry Pi Pico Drone-The Hardware
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Programming Raspberry Pi Pico using Micro-Python
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Raspberry Pi Pico became a very popular board due to its price tag and is very easy to start with Micro Python. Here will set up Pico for Micro Python.... Read More

Raspberry Pi Pico vs Arduino which to choose?
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In this article, we will compare Raspberry Pi Pico and Arduino Uno, the two best powerful and cheap microcontrollers all around the world.... Read More