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After spending money on the raspberry pi are you wondering if you could connect it to your laptop display instead of connecting it to your TV or Monitor. Yeah ! it is possible to do so. In this article you will learn how you can connect your Raspber
Raspberry pi 4B 8GB ram
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In the lockdown and this pandemic situation, we are all stuck in our homes. But don't worry we are writing articles/tutorials for the people to keep them informed with the latest technology.Are you one of the Raspberry Pi fans? Using the lates
5 Pros and 5 cons of Raspberry Pi
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All the Raspberry Pi fans(including me). I like making articles and blogs about Raspberry Pi a lot. So If you are planning to buy a raspberry Pi and you are a bit confused or if you just wanna know a honest opinion. I will be listing 5 pros and 5 co
uninstall apps raspberry pi
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You might be having a raspberry pi, as you're here. There are times where we want to remove some apps or packages we installed and don't use anymore. In this tutorial I will be showing, how you can remove the packages/ apps from your raspberry pi.
what is raspberry pi
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Welcome! As you are here I think you are interested in knowing about raspberry pi. What it is . Well its a single board computer to say in short. In this I will be covering the basic of what is a raspberry pi actually. If you are familiar with Ardui
how to connect raspberry pi to laptop
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Namaste! ( hello ) and welcome back to another tutorial on raspberry pi. So have you ever tried connecting your raspberry pi to your laptop? No ? or faced any issue while connecting? This article is for you. In this I will show you simple ways to co
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We are seeing many developers trying to come up with a development board that is almost as good as Raspberry Pi board or even better. Why won’t they as Raspberry Pi is a special and most popular development board there is. It has set a big standar
PIR IR sensor with arduino raspberry pi
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Hello, in our previous section we discussed the interfacing of an ultrasonic sensor with Raspberry Pi and I hope you enjoyed the section. In this blog, we are going to discuss the types of infrared sensors and interfacing of IR sensor with Raspbe
finding ip address raspberry pi
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Namaste readers! Ever had issues in finding the IP address of your raspberry pi? I am here to help you with it. In this tutorial, I am going to share exactly how to find the IP address of Raspberry Pi within few steps.In order to connect to your