Robu.in is your one-stop destination for Electronics,Mechanical,DIY, Hobby, RC & Engineering products.
We at Robu, realized the hardships faced by people who had limited access to a variety of products at the right prices with sparse information on how to use them and had no other option than to pay exorbitant prices to import them in the country and thus Robu.in was founded with a vision to eliminate this problem and empower the community by making them available an extensive variety of quality products at the best possible prices.

EasyMech, SmartElex and Orange are the three flagship brands of Robu.in.



  • ‘EasyMech’ is a brand which intends to provide a series of easy to use & specially designed mechanical products for Engineering, DIY and other purposes.
  • This series includes thoughtfully designed mechanical products like arms, brackets, couplings, chassis, wheels, grippers and much more.
  • Have a unique mechanical component which you would like to get designed and manufactured? Get in touch with us and we’ll make sure that we offer you a solution.



  • ‘SmartElex’ is a range of highly reliable & advanced electronic boards and circuits which are designed & manufactured in India.
  • They are robust, can be used in multiple applications and competitively priced.
  • SmartElex’s ‘Aryabhatta’ 8051 Development Board is a highly popular among enthusiasts who are learning microcontrollers & want to quickly develop embedded projects based on standard 8051 Microcontroller core.



  • ‘Orange’ is a range of heavy duty, robust and reliable LiPo batteries which stand up to the punishing extremes of aerobatic flight and power needs of RC vehicles.
  • Each pack is equipped with gold plated connectors. All Orange LiPo battery packs are assembled using IR matched cells.
  • Orange also has a range of high quality propellers specially designed for multi copters
  • They are light in weight to help improve the air-powered efficiency of copter and aerofoil stability
Join us in our endeavor and be a part of this technological revolution!