Whats there in Robu for you???

Well, this……

                   Many roles in other Organizations make you stuck in a particular department such as Warehousing or Logistics or Procurement without any chance to properly understand or learn how the other departments work & interlink with each other. We have no such red tapes. You are free to interact & understand how every department functions. Everyone is there to help you. All you have to do is ask respectfully. Plus, its crazy fun & interesting! You get to see the impact of your work directly in the company’s performance.

                  We follow the OKR(Objective and Key Results) methodology religiously. It may happen that one of the company’s OKR is directly connected to your own! It’s exhilarating as well as nerve racking! You are handed over responsibility straightaway.

                  Freedom to try & fail. If you have an idea which you want to try out, you’ve got complete freedom to pitch it with your team mates/Category Lead or Manager & convince them why it is worth trying! Your ideas & plans will be heard, pondered over & collectively analysed before approving or rejecting it (with a valid &just explanation of course!)

                  Work with a young & energetic team. Progression is based solely on merit & performance. No orthodox or rigid rules will limit your growth.

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Current Openings:

HR Executive


  1. Reviewing resumes and applications
  2. Reviewing job descriptions for all positions at regular intervals and updating them in consultation with the respective managers
  3. Conducting first round of telephonic interview for the candidates to schedule interviews
  4. Conducting recruitment interviews and providing the necessary inputs during the hiring process
  5. Working with recruitment agencies to source for candidates for specific job positions
  6. Maintaining HR records, such as those related to compensation, health and medical insurance
  7. Handling insurance-related issues
  8. Managing workplace safety issues
  9. Training new or existing employees
  10. Firing staff
  11. Communicating and explaining the organization’s HR policies to the employees
  12. Follow up of confirmation records statutory obligations – PF, ESIC, taxes, gratuity, LTA, bonus etc
  13. Preparation of salary statement
  14. Handling the full and final settlement of the employees
  15. Preparing and submitting all relevant HR letters/documents/certificates as per the requirement of employees in consultation with the management
  16. Ensuring statutory compliance for PF withdrawal, annual returns, factory license, shop and establishment license, labour law and record information on a timely basis
  17. Preparing and processing timely distribution of salary, bonus, increment salary slip, leave encashment and full and final settlements
  18. Recording, maintaining and monitoring attendance to ensure employee punctuality
  19. Conducting employee orientation and facilitating newcomers joining formalities
  20. Maintaining and regularly updating master database (personal file, personal database, etc.) of each employee
  21. Resolving grievances or queries that any of the employees have
  22. Escalating to the right level depending on the nature of the grievance or issue
  23. Preparing letters such as offer and confirmation
  24. Conducting exit interviews for employees and recording them accordingly.
  25. Engaging with employees on a regular basis to understand the motivation levels of people in the organization
  26. Keeping records of staff insurance and ensuring timely renewal

Skill required:

  1. MBA in HR
  2. Consistent proven excellence on job or in academics
  3. Must be adept at problem-solving, including being able to identify issues and resolve programs in a timely manner
  4. Must possess strong interpersonal skills
  5. Must be able to communicate clearly, both written and orally, as to communicate with employees, members of the HR management team, and in group presentations and meetings


PHP Developer


We need a driven individual who can:

  1. Design and implement product features independently
  2. Write efficient, testable, and efficient code
  3. Program server side logic to power eCommerce platform
  4. Integrate various data sources
  5. Communicate well with relevant stakeholders

Skills Required:

  1. Excellent analytical skills and understanding of computing fundamentals
  2. Experience in PHP, with knowledge of at least one PHP web framework, WordPress experience is a big plus.
  3. Experience with Relational Database Systems ( i. e. Oracle or MySQL or any other)
  4. Experience with version control tools ( i. e. Git, Perforce, Mercurial or SVN )
  5. Basic knowledge of frontend technologies, such as JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3
  6. Basic knowledge of Linux shell scripting, system administration experience is a plus.
  7. Basic knowledge of container technologies (i.e. Docker) is a plus.
  8. Basic communication skills (written and verbal)


CRM Executive


The primary responsibilities of a Customer Service Executive would be :

  1. Answer calls professionally to provide information about products and services, take/ cancel orders, or obtain details of complaints.
  2. Keep records of customer interactions and transactions, recording details of inquiries, complaints, and comments, as well as actions taken. Process orders, forms and applications.
  3. Follow up to ensure that appropriate actions were taken on customers’ requests.
  4. Refer unresolved customer grievances or special requests to designated departments for further investigation.

Skills Required:

  1. Customer Service Executive plays a critical role in providing an interface between customers and the client company. ITeS companies look for candidates who have good communications skills, interpersonal skills and can handle stress well.
  2. The candidate should possess good listening skills, and the ability to think quickly, to make a recommendation or solution to the customer’s problem.
  3. A clear and pleasant speaking voice and fluency in English is also desired. The major skills and competencies that employers look for in a candidate are:
  4. Good communications skills
  5. Ability to listen and active problem solving skills
  6. Good interpersonal skills
  7. Ability to handle pressure

Embedded Engineer


  1. Design and build devices using Raspberry pi or Arduino and other microcontroller based system
  2. Collaborate with cross-functional teams to define, design, and ship new features.
  3. Develop custom Real Time motor driver controller software.
  4. Work on bug fixing and improving hardware/software performance.
  5. Continuously discover, evaluate, and implement new technologies to maximize development efficiency.
  6. Summary
  7. Position:Embedded Software Engineer
  8. Location:Pune
  9. Experience:0-1+ Years’ Experience in Embedded Programming and Hardware Design
  10. Qualification:Electronic or Engineering Subject
  11. Skills:PCB Design, C/C++ Programming for Raspberry Pi or Arduino

Skills Required:

We are looking for someone who has-

  1. Degree in Electronic or Engineering related to subject.
  2. 0 to 1+ years of Embedded Systems Design and Programming
  3. Good knowledge in Raspberry pi and Arduino
  4. Must have the string knowledge of C/C++.
  5. Experience with Circuit Design
  6. Having knowledge of PCB Design and Customization is a plus


Purchase Engineer- 2 Positions


  1. Timely Re-order of Products/Product Categories from their respective suppliers. (Supplier Negotiation-RFQ-PO generation-Payment coordination with Accounts Dept-Selecting suitable Clearance Agent/Courier Partner for Import-Coordinating with Warehouse Teams
    for Stock-in)
  2. New Product addition as per Market demand/Customer Requirement/Supplier Recommendation
  3. Be updated about the basic working & technical know-how of products assigned to him/her
  4. Continuous process improvement & identifying opportunities for cost cutting & process optimization
  5. Be a team player & work in harmony with the Product Category Team as well as other departments and aid co-members as & when required.

This is a core Supply Chain-cum-Techno-Commercial position & the candidate who is technically strong, an able communicator, highly creative & resourceful with a will to learn, will to do & will to succeed against all odds can make most of this opportunity. The Purchase Engineer should have the below skill set (Importance given as per 1>2>3).

Skills Required:

  1. Excellent Communicator, Strong Team Player, Problem Solver with a willingness to work hard to succeed. Should be able to communicate his/her thoughts in an easily understandable manner to fellow team members/ or while communicating with Suppliers. Must be fluent in English & Hindi. Should be able to effectively convey all data-based analysis in a simple & understandable manner. Should possess emotional intelligence to gel well with the team and try to keep the morale & spirits high. Should be smart & be able to learn existing processes quickly. Should be Courageous to try new methods & take responsibility, be honest with resources, be alert to identify new opportunities & resilient towards failure & hardships.
  2. Tech Savvy, Data Literate & Voracious Self-Learner . Should have an inherent interest in trying out new software/Addons/websites, which have potential to aid in various stages of the Purchase process. Should be familiar with Data Analysis techniques & be eager to learn and implement new & efficient methods for Data Visualization & Analysis. Should have a good grasp on MSExcel (Vlookup/Sumifs/Countifs/NestedIfs/ConditionalFormatting/VBA etc). Candidates who have done MOOC’s related to MS- Excel, Data Analysis/Visualization, Purchase, Inventory Management, SCM, 6S, Automation using Python etc. will be given special consideration.
  3. Technically Strong & Affinity towards Electronics & Electromechanical products. Participants of ROBOCON/SAE SUPRA-BAJA/Drone Events/College Tech competitions will be given special consideration. Candidates with a strong Project portfolio (College/Company/Personal) and knowledge in Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Drone Racing, 3D Printing, Batteries, Motors, Circuits, Sensors etc will be strong contenders.


Product analyst and content writer- 2 Positions


  1. Most of our products are electronics based like microcontrollers(Arduino, Raspberry Pi, STM32), Sensors, Displays etc. and Mechanical based like Chassis, Motors, Wheels etc. All of our products are used in robotics and very popular amongst the DIY community.
  2. By experimenting on set of products that will be assigned to each candidate, we expect him/her to share his journey/knowledge gained about the product on our site in the form of BLOGS, TUTORIALS and VIDEOS.
  3. We are looking for people who will write content for our products. The content writing is carried out in following steps
    1. Product information research
    2. Product Listing
    3. Creating Blogs
    4. Writing Tutorial
    5. Making Videos
  4. Following things will be preferred
    1. Participation in Robotics Competitions
    2. He should have done 3 robotics project
    3. Should fully explain the projects he/she did.
    4. Holds a bachelors in Engineering

Skills required:

  1. Hands-on experience of working with Electronics and Mechanical components
  2. Embedded programming
  3. Good english writing
  4. Anyone who is interested in robotics

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