Whats there in Robu for you???

Well, this……

                   Many roles in other Organizations make you stuck in a particular department such as Warehousing or Logistics or Procurement without any chance to properly understand or learn how the other departments work & interlink with each other. We have no such red tapes. You are free to interact & understand how every department functions. Everyone is there to help you. All you have to do is ask respectfully. Plus, its crazy fun & interesting! You get to see the impact of your work directly in the company’s performance.



                  We follow the OKR(Objective and Key Results) methodology religiously. It may happen that one of the company’s OKR is directly connected to your own! It’s exhilarating as well as nerve-racking! You are handed over responsibility straight away.



                  Freedom to try & fail. If you have an idea which you want to try out, you’ve got complete freedom to pitch it with your teammates/Category Lead or Manager & convince them why it is worth trying! Your ideas & plans will be heard, pondered over & collectively analysed before approving or rejecting it (with a valid &just explanation of course!)



                  Work with a young & energetic team. Progression is based solely on merit & performance. No orthodox or rigid rules will limit your growth.

Wish to be a part of our team?

Job Description: Writing blogs related to the topics of Drones, 3D Printers, E-bikes, IoT, Electronic Components and Modules, Robotics etc. Eligibility: Candidates who are pursuing Engineers Degree/Any Bachelor’s Degree or Bachelor’s degree in Electronics OR EnTc is preferred. Keen to …

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