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What is Dual Power Supply? - Circuit Construction and Working
By: Vaishnavee Upasani 1422 Views

A Dual power supply is a regular direct current power supply. It can provide a positive as well as negative voltage. It ensures stable power supply to the device as well as it helps to prevent system ... Read More

Sun Tracking Solar Panel Using Arduino Project - Step by Step Guide with Code
By: Priyanka Dixit 2804 Views

Here, we have designed the prototype of the Sun-Tracking Solar Panel using Arduino Uno. The servo motors are mounted on the 3D printed rotating fixture to rotate the solar panel.... Read More

Interfacing ACS712 Current Sensor with Arduino - Step by Step Guide to Measure Current
By: Priyanka Dixit 3559 Views

The article covers the definition of the current sensor, it's working and interfacing of the current sensor with Arduino. ... Read More

How to Calibrate Raspberry Pi Touch-screen Display
By: Apurva Singh 2160 Views

In this article, we will show you step by step how to calibrate the touchscreen pointer of a Raspberry Pi display for better touch precision.... Read More

Sound Sensor Basics: Pin Configuration, Working, Applications and Interfacing
By: Priyanka Dixit 1508 Views

This article covers the basics of sound sensor and its interfacing with Arduino.... Read More

How to Build a Brushed Quadcopter: A Step by Step Guide
By: Priyanka Dixit 4574 Views

The brushed quadcopter is the rare one which is used as an indoor quadcopter. This guide will give you step by step instructions on how to assemble it.... Read More

DIY - Foot Operated electronic Sanitizer Dispenser Project
By: Apurva Singh 1076 Views

Safety during these times has become very crucial. In pandemic situation everyone is stuck at their place trying to be safe and working with maximum precaution possible, there are many... Read More

Interfacing of Piezoelectric Sensor with Arduino
By: Priyanka Dixit 8206 Views

The tutorial, covers the working and interfacing of piezoelectric sensor with Arduino.... Read More

Interfacing DS1307 RTC Module With Arduino
By: Vishal Shinde 4113 Views

Hello friends, welcome to this tutorial, in this tutorial we are going to discuss how to use DS1307 RTC module in your Arduino project. You can also follow this tutorial... Read More