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Online SLA 3D Printing Service

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Printer signifies the layer height for the printing.Layer Height affects both Print Time & Vertical Resolution. e.g. Printing with 0.05 mm layer height will add extra detail at the cost of longer print time.
  • 0.1 mm Standard Quality SLA
  • 0.05 mm High Quality SLA
  • 0.025 mm Ultra High Quality SLA
  • 0.2 mm Standard Quality SLA

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Welcome to India’s Instant Quotation online 3D Printing Service by Robu…!!

We believe in our makers’ ideas, therefore in keeping with our motto “YOUR IDEAS-OUR PARTS,” we’ve launched an online service to print your designs at the lowest 3d printing price in India.

Following the positive response to our 3D printing services from our makers around the country, we’ve added top brands like Prusa SLA printing machines to our array of printers, which are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to fulfill your requests.

Stereolithography (SLA) is a laser-based 3D printing method for highly smooth and delicate minute details, such as jewelry and objects that require precision down to the level of human hair.

With the advanced 3D printing machinery from top brands around the world, a Multi-brand range of Filaments with differential materials & colors, and skills acquired over years of work with a team of dedicated professionals in the field of 3D printing, we came up with the idea of providing the finest and most affordable 3D printing service in INDIA.

Our Printer Specification:

  1. Build Volume: 127×80×150 mm
  2. Supported Layer Heights: 0.025 to 0.2 mm
  3. Supported Wall thickness – 0.8 mm
  4. Assembly Tolerance – 0.2 mm
  5. Dimensional Accuracy  – ±0.2 mm

To keep this 3D printing Service effortless we have mapped it into just four simple steps 

Upload design

Select Printer, Material

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Why should you choose our Service?

✔  Lead time: 3-5  Days
✔  Best 3d printing price
✔  SLA 3D printing with Multicolor Resins
✔  Rapid prototyping & full-scale production
✔  Dedicated customer support team
✔  IP Protection to ensure your designs are Safe




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  1. eyangplay

    Valuable information. Fortunate me I found your website unintentionally, and I am surprised why this coincidence did not happened in advance!

    I bookmarked it.


  2. jvk1977 (verified owner)

    SLA quality not expected level from Robu. Higher cost and this time thickness variation in one side of my part which never expected


  3. Hari Rajlloo9ol

    lol k

    Hari Rajlloo9ol

  4. Hari Rajlloo9olo


    Hari Rajlloo9olo

  5. rahul.rai.ujr (verified owner)

    Good Quality SLA Printing better than expected quality fast service 5-7Days


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The ROBU 3D Printing Services are made up of different services provided through the Website. One of our Services enables you to upload a 3D file to our Website and view it in 3D.

If you want to turn your 3D Model into reality, you can place an order with us and we will manufacture it for you at your direction. At a charge of a service price and price for the substance used for the 3D Model, we manufacture the 3D Model for you (i.e., print it with 3D printing technology) in our materials and ship it to you.


(A) Placing An Order – To order the 3D Model you designed or another 3D Model you found through other Services, you select the 3D Model. Then you can select the quantity of the 3D Model you order and, if applicable, the material you want the 3D Model to be made of. As the next step, we ask you to provide us with the information we need for the delivery of the 3D Model. Finally, you will be prompted for the information required to initiate the payment.

(B) Unacceptable Orders, Cancellation Of Orders By Us – There are, however, technical or other reasons why ROBU may not accept or may cancel your order during the entire ordering process, even after our acceptance of your order. Such reasons can be, but are not limited to, the unfeasibility of the model, an infringing feature of your 3D Model, or the destination of the delivery you indicated in your order. In case we cancel your partial or entire order, we will contact you via email and, except in cases of fraud or other violations of our policies, issue you a full refund for the canceled item(s).

(C) Prices – The prices displayed on the Website or Platform are only indications and are valid only for the moment that they are displayed. ROBU reserves the right to change its prices on the website at any time without prior notice to you. Such change however will have no effect on orders completed before the posting of a new price on the website. We do our best to prevent errors in the pricing. However, should an error occur, we are not bound by our offer and may cancel the order? In the event of an error, any amount paid related to that order will be refunded to you.

(D) Payment And Price – The amount indicated on the ordering page includes the fee for the service (such as printing and packing the model), and the price for the materials used to produce the 3D Model. The price quoted on the ordering page also includes shipping costs, and sales tax but excludes any import duty or taxes (if applicable). The price quoted on the Platform is for the cost of printing the item.

For orders paid for, ROBU will begin production after authorizing and holding payment.  For orders paid for via bank transfer, ROBU will begin production after the funds arrive in the ROBU’s bank account. In the event that the selected payment method fails for any reason, ROBU reserves the right to process the payment again or require you to provide an alternative method of payment.

(E) Acceptance – After accepting your order we will send you an order confirmation by e-mail to the address associated with your ROBU Account. The order confirmation will be effective as of the date on which the order confirmation is sent to you. If we cannot accept your order we will contact you by email. You should verify the details in the confirmation email. If there are errors you should contact us as soon as possible by sending an email to customer service.

(F) Shipping – As per Robu. in shipping and refund policies.

(G) Cancellation Of Your Order, Return Of 3D Models –  Due to the personalized nature of our Services (i.e. the 3D Print is manufactured by us based on your specifications and we print it for you on-demand), you cannot cancel your order once it is placed. Orders are fulfilled using the model file version that existed at the time of purchase. Additionally, except where required by law we are not able to refund purchases of a “Gift Card” at any point.

(H) Content Policy Violations-If we determine that your model violates our Content Policy prior to printing, we will refuse to print the model and issue a refund. If we determine that your model violates our Content Policy after it has been printed, we will not ship the model and may not issue you a full refund.


ROBU warrants only that the model manufactured by us will substantially meet the features of the indicated 3D model within the limitations of the 3D printing technology. ROBU does not give any warranty about the models and does not guarantee that the model will be fit for any particular purposes. Please inspect the model upon receipt immediately. If the model is faulty when you received it and you believe you are entitled to a replacement in accordance with the warranty above, please contact us by sending an email to [email protected] within 10 days after receipt of the model. Such warranty claim can be made only within 10 days after receipt of the model by you. Do not return the model unless we require you to do so. We will confirm whether you are entitled to a replacement or refund. Transportation costs in respect of a faulty product will be borne by us.


Intellectual Property Rights of 3D Designs

You, as a designer, retain all your intellectual property rights in your 3D design, including without limitation any derivative works like 3D renders. Except for the rights and licenses specified below, ROBU shall not use, modify or display your 3D design or derivatives thereof. By uploading your 3D design, you warrant that it is your original creation and not copied from any third party and/or entity. You warrant that your User Generated Content will not infringe the intellectual property rights of third parties. Should your User Generated Content nevertheless be found to be infringing and/or in violation of any law, you will defend ROBU against third-party claims, and be held liable for all (direct and indirect) damages and costs incurred by ROBU with respect to such claims.


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